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Perfect for a sensitive tummy

This was recommended by my vet for my 8 month old cat with a sensitive tummy. Along with the Royal Canin Gastrointestinal wet food, this is the only food he can eat without upsetting his tummy. He absolutely loves it! Zooplus is the cheapest I've seen for this food.
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Like getting a new cat

One of our rescue cats has always been sick regularly, and has never liked being touched around her tummy. After she started having loose poos and stopped grooming properly we decided to switch her to this and she's like a new cat - very cuddly and happy with a beautifully glossy coat.
15/10/18 | Teresa Meehan
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Wonderful, worth every penny.

I had a little 10 year old cat from the Cat protection, she arrived seriously underweight and Iritable Bowel Syndrome. It took my vet a few days to diagnose through blood test, she was put on Royal Canine Gastro Intstenal and she has never looked back, she loves the dry food and hates the wet food so I buy her Sheba Soups which she loves her weight is now 5kg it was 3 kg 6 monyths ago and she has never had a days sickness since, she has had 2 injections fortnightly but is now finished them.
27/09/18 | Ian
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Devon Rex

Tried many many other dry foods before this one. Yes its twice the price of some other good foods but it works. Daisy has gone from 4/5 loose poos per day to 1/2. Only 1 week in as well so expect to improve further. Poppy likes it too and no change in her ( she was fine anyway ). 5 stars
21/09/18 | Jess
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First time we've had solid poos!

Since he's been around 6 months old (now just turned 1) we've varied from runny cow pat to formed but soft, other foods and probiotics seemed to help slightly but we've never had an actual properly solid poop until now! He's been on it about a 10 days so far so I'm really hoping this will continue. He and my other cat are both on this food at the moment and both enjoy it, although after reading the back of the pack they're not too pleased with the new reduced amount of food they're receiving!
15/11/17 | E. Thompson
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Vet advised change from Science Diet Id solved problem

George was on Science Diet ID diet for some years but in last 6 months he'd had an upset stomach on and off, which then became permanent. Initial treatment with probiotics saw no change so our vet carried out a number of tests and, although he's 18 years old, nothing could be found. She suggested changing from ID to the Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal, which we did over a week, and all is back to normal, and has stayed so. In addition, he's looking better and his activity levels have gone up.
08/09/17 | Tizzy
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A gamechanger

Like other owners I cannot believe how much healthier my cats are on RC GI food. After weeks of diarrhoea and an overnight stay at the vets I was in despair. I was advised to feed RCGI exclusively with just a little boiled fish. Within a week things have improved beyond my wildest dreams. One cat is also on B12 injections which have also helped and both are now normal weights. Sadly they hate the wet version. This food has saved my cats lives and my sanity - give it a try
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Happy cat, Happier owner

Being a veterinary nurse, I understand the importance of good nutrition and medical management of serious conditions, therefore when my cat started intermittently vomiting and losing weight I took her straight to work. When bloods and further investigations revealed nothing, I transferred her onto this food and I've not looked back since. She's gained over 500g so shes now her ideal weight and there's been no more vomit piles for me to slip in! She loves it and even prefers this to the occasional dreamie! Happy cat, happier owner!
15/06/17 | Becca M
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Cat was sick multiple time during 2 week period

I have always fed my cat the Hills science plan from he was a kitten - when we got him we researched different foods and the final decision was between hills and royal canin but we opted for hills. Now 1 year old and allowed out into the big bad world we have switched to royal canin! Jess is terrible for eating things he shouldn't and ended up sick so we took him to the vets. He got injections and we were told to put him in the royal canin gastrointestinal food straight away. We set him out a bowl.. he ate the lot instantly and clearly loved it! And to be honest I think it smells pretty tasty (for cat food). We are now in process of weaning him off the gastrointestinal food as he's all better now and putting him onto the outdoor royal canin food which he already clearly loves as he picked out all the new kibbles and ate them first today. Personally I feel that the royal canin food is a far better quality food!
01/12/16 | Tracy Palmer
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Sorted out his bottom half

This cleared my cats tummy straight up and his stools became normal, however he is sick quite a lot now and the vet can find nothing wrong so going to try sensible cat bisuits instead to see if that helps
19/06/16 | Vanessa Parr
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Great product

Our Ernest has food intolerance and he loves the wet and the dried version of this food. No more toxic farting and he has managed to put on a reasonable amount of weight. He reached 4.8kg at his height and has settled to 4.6kg. So not bad for a kitten who was underweight when we got him. I'm very pleased.
08/06/16 | KW
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Persian problems!!

Having got two beautiful Persian kittens I had problems constantly since they were born with funny tummies, ended up changing their litter multiple times a day which isn't fun and the smell!!!! I tried every good possible expensive applaws grain free malarkey, down to whiskas own nothing helped, my vet recommended this food, and I was not in a position financially to afford it, however when my cat got spayed she came home from the vets and had the best bathroom experience, no runny poo, nicely formed stools - so I immediately rang the vets to ask what they had fed her. Surprise surprise it was Gastro Royal canin. They are now both happy on this food with wet version as well, and no problems!! Happy cats, happy owner. It may be expensive but it's not when you have healthy cats!
10/05/16 | Ann B
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amazing stuff!!

My exotic shorthair has had 'delicate digestion' for all of her 10 years but became worse over last couple of years-smelly runny mucousy stools with explosive wind & sometimes traces of blood, to the point where we had to wipe her bottom. Nil found by vet & bland fish/rice/chicken, Hills prescrip sensitive and RC sensitive no good but since on this for couple of weeks we had a normal poo today!!! Stick with it it might not happen overnight. I won't be using anything else :-))
30/03/16 | Greta
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Miracle maker

This worked miracles on my cornish rex with IBD. The one and only!
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I Cant believe how good it is.

hi i have a kitten who is on this food since 2month or so. he is only 4month old. when i brough him home the first time i tried all kind of standard food : purina, felix, whiskas and they all gave him dirrehea and vomiting. he i tried, mixing food with kitten milk formula, water , baby foods, rice, etc. everything you can immage and everything i found doing reacherch on the internet. he didnt eat, had direreah, vomit so i took him to the veterinary after 3days because of him dyhadration and waight loss. i paid 150 pound to leave my kitten for 48h at the clicin as i was scared it might be something serious. she prescribed him this diet because of a sensitive stomach. hes been now for 2 month or so on a diet and he loves it. its AMAZING no direrreah, no vomiting, no stomach problems and eat more then i can immage his waight is propery and i wouldnt change his diet for any other. royal canin definitly rock and save my kitten. i still might give him chicken breast, tuna canned in water, beef cooked from time to time as healthy treat but the food is genial.
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Fingers crossed

My burmese has suffered for years and years with sensitive stomach with bouts of IBS and diarrhoea. I had tried everything and anything with no success and was losing the will... then.... I tried this.... for two days she has only produced normal stools... i am flabbergasted... I hope it carries on long term as this will be life changing for her and us....
18/02/15 | julie Naylor
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We have a bengal with a very sensitive tum and was recommended this by our vet. Between his previous owners and us had tried almost everything...raw, hypoallergenic, grain free etc but nothing would settle him. The vet said we could just change him straight over to this that day. Within 24 hours of eating his first portion he had his first solid poo in the three months we had had him. He is so much happier, his coat healthier and is more active. He will have an off day from time to time with a little softer stools but nowhere near as bad as he was. I can wholeheartedly recommend this
24/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Unfortunately too high fat content for us

For our cat with chronic pancreatic weakness we could only consider the fat-reduced version of this great food (Royal Canin GIM 35). I'd recommend the normal version though, if you have no problems with fat digestion. We would be delighted if the GIM version were available on zooplus soon!
21/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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the only thing that helped

My cat suddenly had severe diarrhoea overnight, even though I only feed her high quality, grain free foods. After 3 months experimenting with all the diet foods (the vet was totally clueless), I tried this RC as a last resort and voila, after 2 days a nice normally formed stool! I've never been so happy as after she created this! We tried then to slowly switch to RC Sensitivity Control, and then also tried the Hypoallergenic one, but both attempts ended again in severe diarrhoea. So we're sticking with Gastro Intestinal for now.
18/11/14 | Angela
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Brilliant !!

Our Maine coon had chronic diarrhoea after having antibiotics. ..we tried all sorts of medication to give him some relief, however nothing worked. He tried this food and within 2 days he was back to normal..I have contacted Royal Canin to ask if this is a long term diet and they replied back saying Yes it's perfectly fine. This food has worked it's magic for our boy. Xx