03/19/18 | Deborah Blencowe

I am very happy with this product

My Ragdoll was diagnosed with chronic renal failure at 8 years of age. I tried him on various renal foods, this he actually liked! At last! He has regained his lost weight and his 'mojo'...and he is 10 in May. Relieved and delighted.

03/02/17 | Justyna

very good food for renal cats

my older cat used to eat it happily during 3 years of his renal illness. the other cat (healthy) was also fine with it.


Great product!

My cat loves it and digests it well. For example her problems with her kidneys have stabilised. It is quite expensive, but my cats health is worth more than anything else!

05/21/16 | originally published in bitiba.fr


Got the product super quickly and was looked after as usual! This kibble is excellent for my 3 cats and 3 puppies!

04/15/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr


This kibble has saved my cat, that was diagnosed with chronic renal failure with 4 and a half years. He now is 7 years old and in great shape! This kibble is mixed with wet food and in my eyes a very good treat for my cat.

01/29/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr

My 10 and 15 year old cats are satisfied

My 10 and 15 year old haven't really normally got problems with their kidneys. Anyhow, I give them the Renal Special Veterinary Diet for 3 weeks now after some renal problems occured... They really like it! I think I have done well for my cats!