11/05/18 | lovemykitties07

cats love this

Recently changed to this from Royal canin sensible. My bengal was vomiting up alot, and had some runny poop, and my burmilla had lost a bit of weight. Been using the royal canin for years, perhaps they changed the recipie? Since using this for the last 2 weeks, my burmilla has pt weight back on, and the bengal has not vmoited up the food once. All 4 of my cats love this, and I will stick with it going forwards. It has a very strong smell, but it doesnt put them off.
08/11/18 | Olivia

package change = ingredient change again

disspointed to see that with the package change the receipe / biscuit texture has changed again. As a result my 20 cats all have upset tummies!!!! I have been using this brand now for nearly 5 years. Second time in the space of 2 years.... please can you stop doing this. This food was fine as it was! 3 stars for quality and affordability and packaging. 2 knocked off for the change of recipe so often!
08/06/18 | Jaz

Cat had diahrrea with blood and vomiting.

We have 3 cats. One developed an allergy/intolerance overnight which seems to be purina products. Had 4 months of diarrhea & blood which then changed to vomiting. Vets gave us flagyl which worked at the time but as soon as the meds ran out he'd be bad again. Gave us hills i/D but he didn't like it. Decided to see if I could find the problem so put him on boiled chicken for a while then I gave him purina sensitive and he was ill again. Gave him this and he's back to normal. My other cats ❤️ it!!
05/18/18 | Simon

Can't get enough

After looking to get my 6 indoor cats onto some good dry feed instead of Gocat. I have tried the Sanabella no grain poultry which was liked but as a change I got them this stuff and they love it. I have never seen 3 of my cats at once trying to eat it out the dispenser and they have eaten almost 10kg in 4 weeks. We have even cut down there wet feed as they eat so much of this.
03/03/18 | S R Igbokwe

Good for sensitive stomachs, but...

My cats stools are rather smelly after eating Sanabelle's Lamb so Im going to stick with Applaws Chicken & Duck Cat Food. Even though its more expensive then Sanabelle's, Applaws is also good for sensitive tummies and his stools dont smell as bad

Has really helped!

For the last 2 years since adopting my cat she has toileted on the floor around 3 times a day, her poo being very loose. Diagnosed as IBS and have never found anything to help. I've now been using this food just 12 days and in the entire 12 days there has been no poop at all on the floor! Cant believe it, so pleased! I have 6 cats and they all eat it.

Great for food allergies

Cat clawed herself so badly that I had considered after trying all the v.expensive vet remedies, that e were only going to go down one final route. Had tried the lamb sensitive which was good, but still bad guts, but the main problem was the flesh wounds she would cause through scratching and I mean her whole face including ears(they were ilouminos RED!) She had leg wounds from biting herself, had a vet collar to try and stop her, but this just made her depressed. Poultry everything fixed!
09/24/17 | Paul and Fergal

Works for my impossible cat

My Fergal can be sick at the slightest inclination. Having been treated for various ailments I tried A LOT of sensitive/urinary foods. After 20 months of experimentation I now give him a small amount of this in the morning plus the same again and a third of a pouch of Rafiné (with added water) for tea. He is still sick sometimes, but we're talking once a fortnight rather than once a day. Put some water bowls in their favourite places, not near the food. Cats don't drink near food
09/14/17 | Sammie New

Good product

The product and value for money are great. After one of my cats was diagnosed with Struvite Crystals, we were told he had to be on this diet for the rest of his life. We did try Hills Science Plan first which was great but expensive so I found Sanabelle which was great value for money. I have found that Oscar has started losing all of his hair so unfortunately we will have to take him off this once the bag is finished! Not sure why he's reacting to the food this way but it's very unfortunate :( if he wasn't balding then I would highly recommend this cat food!
08/28/17 | Leanne JD

Excellent food

I have 9 cats ranging from 13 wks to 13yrs, three moggies, 5 Bengals and 1 ragdoll. All boys and they absolutely love this food. No more smelly poos, and with the grain free diet, particularliy suits the Bengals. Would never try anything else. Word of advise though. The diet version is a bit dry after having the original, and they would not touch them. So now just feed a bit less of the normal Sanabelle. All flavours are loved.

No more skin problems

I never bother with doing reviews, but I thought this might help someone else who might be thinking we can't go on like this! Had cat from kitten and she had been on sanabelle kitten, as she got to age 2 she had variety of different foods No problems. Overnight she developed a reaction to all foods and scratched herself so badly she bled everywhere Vet tried on all the vet sensitive foods Hills royal canin etc Very expensive and didn't work! Sanabelle sensitive lamb brilliant! Fixed xx
08/12/17 | Rachel

Fantastic for fussy cats with sensative stomach

Bought this a few weeks ago and my four cats cat get enough of it. They over ate at first and made themselves sick, but they slowed down after the novalty wore off. Not all my cats like dry food but they all eat this, even an elderly cat that's s relatives who had not ate dry food for some time. One of my cats has colitis and agrees with her s large sack was £27 (I think) with a free cat scratcher, so fantastic value it's smelly in the bag but well worth a go.
08/01/17 | Amy

Absolutely brilliant food!

Just before Christmas I took on a 2 year old cat that had been fed on the cheapest sumpermarket food available, he was very thin, he had terrible wind, his eyes were constantly weeping and his stools were very runny. He was also very very greedy, no doubt because he was constantly hungry. Shortly after, I introduced him to Purina One and he started to improve but he still wasn't toileting properly, after a bit of research I decided to try Sanabelle Sensitive and I'm so glad I did! His stools are now as they should be (and no more noxious gases thank god!), he's a healthy weight, his eyes are great and his coat is so shiny... he's like a different cat! My older 9 year old girl loves it too and is as fit as a fiddle! The only downside is that it has made her gain a bit of weight too so I do have to be careful of how much she has but all in all a fantastic food at a great price. A 10kg bag lasts both cats almost 9 weeks so it's incredible value for money compared to regular, more common cat foods. Highly recommended!
07/31/17 | Rhian

Perfect for our fussy feline

Excellent product. Our cat has always had problems with her teeth and this food is fantastic for helping her clean them. She's a VERY picky eater but absolutely adores this food. We took in a stray last year and he's also extremely fond of this food. Between them the 10kg pack doesn't last long. It's excellent value for money and really good quality food. It's a bit whiffy though so be warned!

syd snippets...loves sanabelle sterilised

My two year old silver tabby bengal cross has had sanabelle kitten and then onto sterilised once one year old. He is a healthy sleek cat, with a sheen to his coat. Always eats all the food, including his crumbs! I'm suprised this hasn't had better reviews in the sanabelle range.
05/03/17 | Tracey

My cats can not get enough

I have a multicat household ranging from 1 yr to 7 yrs old and they all love it, they tend to prefer their dryfood to wet these days.
06/23/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

so glad i tried this...

we have alot of cats and have gone from brands on offer at the supermarket or local pet stores... after coming across this online store i am so grateful for the money saved!it is so much cheaper!! this dry cat food is so much better for us than the usual i have brought.. most importantly without sounding course..the cats poos do not smell as much as with other food! five stars and will be a regular customer from now on. thank you!
09/06/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Old or Young all very Happy

I started buying Sanabelle about 6 months ago when my cat population increased from 2 to 4. I have 2 17yr old female cats one very fussy with a sensitive digestive system and 2 male cats just over a year old and full of life. All 4 cats love Sanabelle and all 4 have good coats and teeth. The poultry version also helps to maintain the weight of the 2 older and less active cats. I suggest you give it a try I'm sure you and your cats won't be dissappointed.


i picked up my 2 cats from the street, therefore they had every kind of problems regarding their digestion. i had to give them royal canine intestinal (veterinary diet) first, when the acute problems went away, followed with royal canine fit 32 but this was too expensive, so tried sanabelle. and it was the best choice! now they are healthy, they don't get fat, and they always eat this food (tried also orijen, but they would not even try it...)! i recommend it to every cat owner (and to every cat :))
04/03/11 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

very,very pleased.

Since my cats have been eating this,( about 5 weeks now), their eyes have brightened and the dandruff on my black cat has cleared up. I am really impressed plus the cats always eat it all, great stuff.

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