12/15/20 | Klaudia

cats love it... but their stomachs don't

cats love this food, crazy for it. but whatever is in makes their poop VERY smelly. They were previously on applaws, which they didn't seem so crazy for but it was definitely a healthier option for them so I'm going back to that after they're done with this food. I have senior cats so i don't want to feed them anything that will upset them!

12/15/20 | Klaudia

cats love it... but their stomachs don't

cats love this food, crazy for it. but whatever is in makes their poop VERY smelly. They were previously on applaws, which they didn't seem so crazy for but it was definitely a healthier option for them so I'm going back to that after they're done with this food. I have senior cats so i don't want to feed them anything that will upset them!

11/05/18 | lovemykitties07

cats love this

Recently changed to this from Royal canin sensible. My bengal was vomiting up alot, and had some runny poop, and my burmilla had lost a bit of weight. Been using the royal canin for years, perhaps they changed the recipie? Since using this for the last 2 weeks, my burmilla has pt weight back on, and the bengal has not vmoited up the food once. All 4 of my cats love this, and I will stick with it going forwards. It has a very strong smell, but it doesnt put them off.

08/11/18 | Olivia

package change = ingredient change again

disspointed to see that with the package change the receipe / biscuit texture has changed again. As a result my 20 cats all have upset tummies!!!! I have been using this brand now for nearly 5 years. Second time in the space of 2 years.... please can you stop doing this. This food was fine as it was! 3 stars for quality and affordability and packaging. 2 knocked off for the change of recipe so often!


Has really helped!

For the last 2 years since adopting my cat she has toileted on the floor around 3 times a day, her poo being very loose. Diagnosed as IBS and have never found anything to help. I've now been using this food just 12 days and in the entire 12 days there has been no poop at all on the floor! Cant believe it, so pleased! I have 6 cats and they all eat it.


Great for food allergies

Cat clawed herself so badly that I had considered after trying all the v.expensive vet remedies, that e were only going to go down one final route. Had tried the lamb sensitive which was good, but still bad guts, but the main problem was the flesh wounds she would cause through scratching and I mean her whole face including ears(they were ilouminos RED!) She had leg wounds from biting herself, had a vet collar to try and stop her, but this just made her depressed. Poultry everything fixed!

09/10/17 | Sinead

They LOVE this food

Our 3 cats LOVE this food and 10kg bag lasts roughly 3 months, so it's excellent value for money. We used to buy Royal Canin Sensible and it was good,, we also tried Concept for life sensitive (one cat was not a fan) but all 3 love this and they are looking brilliant on it. Great stuff, will stick to this from now on. Great value

08/12/17 | Rachel

Fantastic for fussy cats with sensative stomach

Bought this a few weeks ago and my four cats cat get enough of it. They over ate at first and made themselves sick, but they slowed down after the novalty wore off. Not all my cats like dry food but they all eat this, even an elderly cat that's s relatives who had not ate dry food for some time. One of my cats has colitis and agrees with her s large sack was £27 (I think) with a free cat scratcher, so fantastic value it's smelly in the bag but well worth a go.

08/01/17 | Amy

Absolutely brilliant food!

Just before Christmas I took on a 2 year old cat that had been fed on the cheapest sumpermarket food available, he was very thin, he had terrible wind, his eyes were constantly weeping and his stools were very runny. He was also very very greedy, no doubt because he was constantly hungry. Shortly after, I introduced him to Purina One and he started to improve but he still wasn't toileting properly, after a bit of research I decided to try Sanabelle Sensitive and I'm so glad I did! His stools are now as they should be (and no more noxious gases thank god!), he's a healthy weight, his eyes are great and his coat is so shiny... he's like a different cat! My older 9 year old girl loves it too and is as fit as a fiddle! The only downside is that it has made her gain a bit of weight too so I do have to be careful of how much she has but all in all a fantastic food at a great price. A 10kg bag lasts both cats almost 9 weeks so it's incredible value for money compared to regular, more common cat foods. Highly recommended!


Cat gained weight

My cat absolutely loves this food, however since giving her this food she has gained a bit of weight. I followed the feeding guide so have not been overfeeding her. The fat content does seem quite high, so maybe not a great food for cats with a tendency to gain weight or who are not overly active. I have changed to Iams and her weight is slowly going back down.

11/23/16 | Julie


My 3 cats love it, 1 being a Siamese. I had 2 rescue cats, 1 had awful diarrhoea problems, but since she's been on this food, no problems!! The 3 of them have beautiful sleek and shiny fur, I can't recommend this food highly enough, also the delivery service is excellent, I'm a very happy customer with 3 very very happy and healthy cats 🐱

02/17/16 | Hannah Buxton


Good quality food and cats love the cat house this came with while on offer

02/14/16 | Elizabeth Wilkinson

Loved by all 8 cats

I have 5 cats and Forster 3 - 4 more all of them love it. I tend to buy sensitive poultry Which I feel is the most suitable for their varing needs

11/01/15 | Fenpedia


I have 2 Selkirk Rex aged 10 and 8 along with 2 Exotic Shorthairs both aged 5. They all love the Sanabelle food. I bought an array of the small bags to try and they ate them all but this and the urinary were the most popular so it's this one I've gone for abig bag..no dodgy tummies and everyone eats it even my very fussy tortie dragon.. It's price is excellent for the quality and I will only be buying this from now on


Great value and good quality!

It took a few days to adjust from our old go-cat kibble, but my tabby loves this now. We wanted to balance his diet with a mixture of this and wet food, and this has a much higher meat content than his wet food which is impressive! His coat is looking lovely and shiny and feeling thick and healthy too.



My cats love Sanabelle, and it's almost half the price of the very well-known dried food they were on before. All my cats have been on Sanabelle for a few years, and they are in great condition!


Excellent cat food

We've been buying Sanabelle dry food (poultry) from Zooplus for our cat for the last 7 years (practically her whole life) and could not be happier - and nor could our cat! At her annual vet checkup we always get told what great health and shape our cat is in and how wonderful her coat looks. They often ask what food we feed her! It's also cheaper than alternative dry foods which is a bonus.

12/24/14 | Emma parr

over the moon

Just had this product delivered. Wow even my fussy cat ate this and my other two male cats wanted more after a small taster. So happy to find a product that all cats enjoy at long last and one that is a reasonable price. My fussy cat would only have royal canin which gives her a bad tummy so I am hoping that this sensitive one will sort her out now I have found a biscuit she will eat.

12/11/14 | Linda

Smelly Poops!

Both my indoors enjoy this food, had changed them over from Royal Canin as I had heard good things & there is a good price difference. The one major thing I've noticed from the change is their poop is stinking & there's more of it, much more of it. With them being indoor cats, I think I'll have to switch back over to RC.

08/28/14 | katie


This product has worked wonders for one of my cats who has IBS, she has put on weight and her coat is shining can't believe the difference, recommend anyone to try it all my cats look so well.