Ok food but may not suit your cat

I am usually very satisfied with Sanabelle products. And my cat eats other ones from their range. Sanabelle Hair & Skin did not go well with him. I noticed that he started to vomit couple of times after eating this particular food.

11/05/18 | lovemykitties07

cats love this

Recently changed to this from Royal canin sensible. My bengal was vomiting up alot, and had some runny poop, and my burmilla had lost a bit of weight. Been using the royal canin for years, perhaps they changed the recipie? Since using this for the last 2 weeks, my burmilla has pt weight back on, and the bengal has not vmoited up the food once. All 4 of my cats love this, and I will stick with it going forwards. It has a very strong smell, but it doesnt put them off.

02/17/16 | Hannah Buxton


Good quality food and cats love the cat house this came with while on offer

02/14/16 | Elizabeth Wilkinson

Loved by all 8 cats

I have 5 cats and Forster 3 - 4 more all of them love it. I tend to buy sensitive poultry Which I feel is the most suitable for their varing needs

12/17/15 | Julie Comer

5 stars excellent food

I used to feed my norwegian forest cats royal canin norwegian food which i found made their coats very dry & knotty. Then another breeder told me about sanabelle. Well all my lot love this food & they all look fantastic glowing with health. What a difference this food has made to their coats no more dry knotty coats. Plus the food is half the price of royal canin. Much better quality food & i always recommend sanabelle to my new kitten owners.

11/09/15 | Andrea

Keeping my pensioner active

Cyril is now 17 and has been eating sanabelle hair and skin for about 7 years. His fur is great and joints still flexible. He leaps for toys, charges around the house, climbs trees and dashes across the garden like a speeding bullet. And he has never been ill. I keep wondering when he'll need to swap to the elderly cat food option but he's showing no signs of slowing down. He has sanabelle and a half sachet of kitekat a day as a treat. Some of his good health at least must be thanks to Sanabelle. Go Cyril!


Great value and good quality!

It took a few days to adjust from our old go-cat kibble, but my tabby loves this now. We wanted to balance his diet with a mixture of this and wet food, and this has a much higher meat content than his wet food which is impressive! His coat is looking lovely and shiny and feeling thick and healthy too.


Excellent cat food

We've been buying Sanabelle dry food (poultry) from Zooplus for our cat for the last 7 years (practically her whole life) and could not be happier - and nor could our cat! At her annual vet checkup we always get told what great health and shape our cat is in and how wonderful her coat looks. They often ask what food we feed her! It's also cheaper than alternative dry foods which is a bonus.

10/02/14 | Saee


No more hair on me when I kiss my long hair cats!!

06/02/14 | Val Norton

Sanabelle Dry Cat Food

My 5 cats love this product. I have purchased a more expensive brand leader for years and it was often ignored or made my pets sick. This is good value for money and my cats clear there bowls now. I shall be purchasing another 10kg bag very soon.

01/30/14 | Mrs S Robins

Cats love this food

Both our 2 year old cats (female pedigree and male moggy) really love the Sanabelle Hair & Skin dried food. They both have lovely coats, but we do also feed them a variety of other foods, so unfortunately couldn't comment on how much this actually contributes to the condition of their hair and skin.

09/12/13 | yvonne hand


very good food all my cats love it

05/04/12 | Miss Heather Richards

Sanabelle Poultry dried food

My four cats have been thriving on this food for 12 months now. I am really happy with the way they look off it and they love it. 'Yummy' was their reply. The FREE Placemat and Bowl will be most welcome this time (although 2 would be more practical please with there being Darthvader,Sox,Charlie and Domino, just thought I would ask) Thank you so much for good product and good service.

03/01/12 | Miss H Richards

Four Healthy cats

I have 4 cats who are fed with this cat food and they have been thriving on it for quite a while now. I would recommend this dried complete food. I order a 10kilo bag every month and it is quite sufficient providing them with all the nutrition they need.

01/26/12 | kerry hughes

can't get enough!

my cats are mad on the stuff and is really good for them all. but mostly for my boy that is alergic to fleas. so really helps keep his skin healthy and not all scabby. great!

04/06/11 | dee labern

sanabelle cat food

This food is excellent, all my rescue cats, large and small are really enjoying it.

05/03/10 | rhea.

at last

I have a very fussy exotic persian who drove me nuts with her food. tried them all and she will also not eat any wet food or chicken or fish etc. I bought this to try and at last success!!!! She adores it and the kibbles are a brilliant shape for her as being persian she she has probs with the pointy ones they make her mouth sore. I love the fact that there are herbs etc in it great stuff.Thankyou Zoo Plus for recommending it

12/16/09 | Susan Stott


My cat absolutely adores this, to the extent he wont eat any other, treats included! he seems to be moulting less, and after a few months of using this his coat is amazingly shiney and healthy.... I'm tempted to start eating it myself!

08/01/09 | andrea

No more dreadlocks

I took in a very fluffy little ginger tom who became horribly matted as he was too timid to be brushed. Eventually managed to trim them all off and bought Sanabelle Elegance in desperation not expecting it to really cure the problem. But it has! It goes down well and he has had no matting issues since, despite me still not being able to brush him. Highly recommended.

05/29/09 | Ralph

glossy fur and happy cats

We buy the 10kg bags and then put the food in some tupperware boxes. Sometimes they are so desperate for it that we have to pick them up out of the boxes while we're trying to fill them. No complaints, we will always buy this food again.

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