11/05/18 | lovemykitties07

cats love this

Recently changed to this from Royal canin sensible. My bengal was vomiting up alot, and had some runny poop, and my burmilla had lost a bit of weight. Been using the royal canin for years, perhaps they changed the recipie? Since using this for the last 2 weeks, my burmilla has pt weight back on, and the bengal has not vmoited up the food once. All 4 of my cats love this, and I will stick with it going forwards. It has a very strong smell, but it doesnt put them off.

01/25/17 | Andrea Abbott


I am a long term user of this food and i cant fault it i have tried other grain free foods but always come back to this one my cats love it and with 10 of them to feed daily the economy option works out great

02/17/16 | Hannah Buxton


Good quality food and cats love the cat house this came with while on offer

02/14/16 | Elizabeth Wilkinson

Loved by all 8 cats

I have 5 cats and Forster 3 - 4 more all of them love it. I tend to buy sensitive poultry Which I feel is the most suitable for their varing needs

01/13/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very helpful with allergies !

I have a British Shorthair who only likes dry food (all attempts to switch sides have been futile). Unfortunately she showed an allergic reaction to standard dry food and needed close medical attention to an open spot on her neck, which never went away. When we tried Sanabelle No Grain this spot slowly but surely began to heal. Nothing else can take its place now :)

11/08/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Sanabelle No Grain

Very happy with this product, it agrees really well with my cat and she loves eating it, the only thing that bothers me is the inclusion of marigold flowers as I do not think cats need this. Please introduce the 400g bags as they keep flavour better than the big ones.

10/19/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Ferret and her kidney problems

This grain free food agrees very well with my ferret. She used to be prone to lots of diarrhoea and badly formed or discoloured food, but those days are behind us. Ferrets don't need grain, as they are carnivores. Great value for money.


Suitable for sensitive cats

One of my cats reacts very badly to grains and other additives. Despite their small size, the kibbles are well chewed and enjoyed. I'm over the moon, as his health is also improving.

03/13/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Well loved & compatible

My 5 y/o Norwegian cat used to vomit with Royal Canin Indoor, which is why I tried out several different grain free products. This has a great composition, really agrees with my cat, and the price is just right. Both of my cats love it and I will definitely be buying it again!


Excellent cat food

We've been buying Sanabelle dry food (poultry) from Zooplus for our cat for the last 7 years (practically her whole life) and could not be happier - and nor could our cat! At her annual vet checkup we always get told what great health and shape our cat is in and how wonderful her coat looks. They often ask what food we feed her! It's also cheaper than alternative dry foods which is a bonus.

01/27/15 | Aleksandra

Very good value for quality food!

It is first time I have ordered Sanabelle no grain. I always buy more expencive no grain food. My two fussy Maine Coons took to the bowls instantly therefore my assumption is that food tastes good. I looooooove the zip closing - well done for this and I will reorder for sure. It would be really good if Sanabelle could manufacture no grain in larger kibble for bigger cats as there is no such thing on the market.

06/02/14 | Val Norton

Sanabelle Dry Cat Food

My 5 cats love this product. I have purchased a more expensive brand leader for years and it was often ignored or made my pets sick. This is good value for money and my cats clear there bowls now. I shall be purchasing another 10kg bag very soon.

09/12/13 | yvonne hand


very good food all my cats love it

03/23/13 | Christina

Great product!

One of my three cats is allergic to grain so I was happy when Sanabelle came up with a no grain variety. All three love this food now and have no digestive problems at all. It is great value for money and everyone's happy!

03/05/13 | Kat

Very pleased so far

I like to feed my cats grain free diets as is in keeping with nature, so as this was on offer thought i would give it a try, all 3 of my cats love it and as the kibble is a good size I can hear them crunching rather than just swallowing the food. So I will now add this to the favourites list.

01/18/13 | Anna

Grain free & gluten-free

My tom had an itchy skin problem; I and the vet suspected an intolerance to corn or/and gluten often added to dry food. This 'No grain' kibble seems to have resolved the problem so far and given my cat very silky fur as well. I was a bit uneasy about the 16% fat content in the Sanabelle no grain food, assuming my boy would get podgy from eating this. However, he didn't get plump at all, rather, he slimmed down--now, there's a surprise. Just as important, he really loves it --that's also very surprising given that he usually doesn't show much excitement about other Sanabelle products. Me and my cat are both delighted with this 'No grain'food, so far so good!

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