04/11/22 | Adele


My cat eats it with no fuss and, despite being an indoor sterilised cat, he lost 300g in 5 months, just by eating this food. Never been happier!


Good food for the cat

My cat likes the food. Overall satisfied with a purchase

08/15/19 | Dympna

Good quality food but...

I have been trying out various dry cats foods for my 2 cats one of which has a sensitive digestion and a tendency to put on weight- this food is good as it is low in fat which funny enough the 'sensitive' variety is not... - be warned though about buying the 10kg bag as the one I received only had a 'use by' of only 6 months whereas the 2kg bags bought have all had a year or over - when asked Zooplus replied that it is only a 6 month reqmnt on dry food and "normally our stock has min 12 weeks".

11/05/18 | lovemykitties07

cats love this

Recently changed to this from Royal canin sensible. My bengal was vomiting up alot, and had some runny poop, and my burmilla had lost a bit of weight. Been using the royal canin for years, perhaps they changed the recipie? Since using this for the last 2 weeks, my burmilla has pt weight back on, and the bengal has not vmoited up the food once. All 4 of my cats love this, and I will stick with it going forwards. It has a very strong smell, but it doesnt put them off.


syd snippets...loves sanabelle sterilised

My two year old silver tabby bengal cross has had sanabelle kitten and then onto sterilised once one year old. He is a healthy sleek cat, with a sheen to his coat. Always eats all the food, including his crumbs! I'm suprised this hasn't had better reviews in the sanabelle range.

02/17/16 | Hannah Buxton


Good quality food and cats love the cat house this came with while on offer

02/14/16 | Elizabeth Wilkinson

Loved by all 8 cats

I have 5 cats and Forster 3 - 4 more all of them love it. I tend to buy sensitive poultry Which I feel is the most suitable for their varing needs

12/17/15 | Julie Comer

5 stars excellent food

I used to feed my norwegian forest cats royal canin norwegian food which i found made their coats very dry & knotty. Then another breeder told me about sanabelle. Well all my lot love this food & they all look fantastic glowing with health. What a difference this food has made to their coats no more dry knotty coats. Plus the food is half the price of royal canin. Much better quality food & i always recommend sanabelle to my new kitten owners.


Great value and good quality!

It took a few days to adjust from our old go-cat kibble, but my tabby loves this now. We wanted to balance his diet with a mixture of this and wet food, and this has a much higher meat content than his wet food which is impressive! His coat is looking lovely and shiny and feeling thick and healthy too.


Excellent cat food

We've been buying Sanabelle dry food (poultry) from Zooplus for our cat for the last 7 years (practically her whole life) and could not be happier - and nor could our cat! At her annual vet checkup we always get told what great health and shape our cat is in and how wonderful her coat looks. They often ask what food we feed her! It's also cheaper than alternative dry foods which is a bonus.

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