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as expected
16/02/17 | Christopher Morris
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Our cats love it and great value for money

We purchased the chicken, tuna and lamb varieties of this food and they love all of them. And buying them in Economy size is really great value for money.
07/11/14 | Sunita Johal
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Our lodger loves this!

Our lodger absolutely loves the Tuna option, he goes completely crazy and scoffs the lot down. I only give him a handful - small portions, often. He was ok with one of the other brands, but this really ticked the boxes. He's a Bengal and his owners know that he sometimes kips and eats at ours as they have another three cats and he likes to have time out. So, he smelt the bag when it got delivered and tried to claw it open, lol. Needless to say that he also enjoyed hiding in the box. Anyway, it's a definite favourite, thankfully I bought two bags, :). P.s. he purrs his head off whilst he's eating it and gave me a nose kiss when he finished. Definite thumbs up! SJ.
16/06/13 | Tom - London
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My Cat Loves This Food

My 4 year old cat grew eating Whiskas Dry Food and loves the Whiskas Dry food with nuggets. It is ashame that the nugget variety isn't available in UK shops so this is why I purchase it from zooplus (who are in Germany not the UK like they make themselves out to be). I hope they continue making the Whiskas dry cat food with nuggets in Germany as my cat loves it.
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Only buy this and Royal Canin

My cats love the crunchy nuggets