03/02/22 | Aga

Different than it used to be

I think they changed the formula, my cats would do love it. Now they barely eat it. I thought it is only mine, but my friend, who i introduced to this food said the same, cats dont want to eat it anymore.

02/13/21 | Richard

Thumbs Up!

His Royal Highness thoroughly approves and happily munches his way through mealtimes. There’s the added benefit of knowing I’m giving him something that’s nutrient dense plus the kibble smells like quality. Packaging is not entirely airtight unfortunately but it won’t be hanging around long enough to go stale. Yes it’s pricey but you get what you pay for.


Went down a treat

One cat will only eat GoCat the other Happy Cat but both of them loved all 3 flavours and I'm happy to feed them something a little closer to their natural diet

02/02/18 | Laura

Very well received

This has a high meat content and goes down very well. The kibble is big but that's not a problem. Would buy again.

01/04/18 | Kate Pell

Arty goes wild

Tried this and my big boy Arty devoured every morsel, great product and good price

12/20/17 | Lucky

At last!

This food has gone down very well in our house with all kitties. No upset tummys either. Fantastic. Grain free and very very similer to another "well known" brand flavour wise but almost £6 cheaper. Perfect. Will be buying this from now on.


Wild Freedom Salmon

Both my cats really love this food! They immediately come running the moment they hear me rattling the bag :) The kibble size is really chunky, so much better than really tiny ones! Very happy