02/23/18 | helenlouisa

too hard

this kibble was a good size and seemed good quality but it was far too hard for my cats to crunch. One of my cats that crunches all kibble was trying hard but only managed to break a few before swallowing. I am not giving it to him anymore as worried it will damage his teeth . He catches and eats pray but this is harder than raw bones .

01/04/18 | Kate Pell

Arty goes wild

Tried this and my big boy Arty devoured every morsel, great product and good price

12/20/17 | Lucky

At last!

This food has gone down very well in our house with all kitties. No upset tummys either. Fantastic. Grain free and very very similer to another "well known" brand flavour wise but almost £6 cheaper. Perfect. Will be buying this from now on.