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Cat looks good on this food

Our cat happily eats this food and seems to like it. Coat shiny and soft and she's the picture of health. A bonus that the fish is certified and sustainable.
03/05/15 | JanieC
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Great dry food

We buy yarrah because of its good ethical standards. Our cats love the dry food and always wolf it down. Last time I accidently bought a 10kg bag! I was worried because we only feed our 2 cats 1 small meal a day of this. It actually has kept very well for over 6 months in a sealed bag so I wouldn't be afraid to do this again.
06/08/14 | Ursula
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Shiny fur and a good conscience

We have been buying this food for our two cats - simply because it is organic and with certified fish. I am quite sure our cats want their food to be as cruelty-free as possible ;) Their fur is absolutely gorgeous and shiny on this food. I can highly recommend it. Unfortunately, one of our cats is allergic to fish, so we have to stop buying it to our big regret.
06/12/13 | Rebecca Frost
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Healthy, organic and low carbon footprint

This is the most reasonably priced organic make on the cat food market. My cats tummies are much better when having Yarrah products too. There isn't lots of nasty ingredients and I feel happier that Yarrah have one of the lowest carbon footprints for a pet food manufacturer on the market, meaning they think about their impact on the environment and keep emissions from production low. They also DO NOT test on animals like some of the others! My cats scoff this down and I feel happy that I am feeding them something healthy not full of chemicals.
01/02/13 | Soo
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Very good!

My cat has allergy problem... This food is Ok for her and her hair and skin are healthier! And my fussy cats like the taste as well!
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cat likes it

We adopted an adult cat who had been given average supermarket food previously (and refused to touch it)...he devoured this stuff the minute I poured it into his bowl. On that basis, I'd recommend giving it a go!