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My cats love it but nightmare to construct!

This is my second Cat tree. Great for my two cats. But difficult to put together because the smaller connecting bolts are not long enough to easily meet the connecting pieces. After a lot of bad language and brute force I was successful. I also used one item from previous model which connected more easily as I ran out of steam. If the smaller bolts were actually long enough to reach pieces it would have been easy to put together. But my cats love it so it was just about worth the effort.
22/09/17 | Matt
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Good product, bad instruction

Just finished putting this together. First thing I will say is considering the price I expected some text in the instructions rather than pictures that you have to guess. Also my unit seemed to have misaligned holes which made it even more difficult. Last thing is the screws seemed too short to pass the leaf and into the hole on bottom of the basket. I had to use some screws I already had to get them to work. That said, it's up and pretty stable so 4 star for product
01/09/16 | Rebecca
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Cat tree

Couldn't wait to get started on it. Built it in about 30 mins and was disappointed as it was very wobbly. Watched a utube video on how to build it. Made a cuppa took it apart and started again this time much more successful very solid although the cats had given up on me and have gone out, so now waiting for the return of the cats to see what they think
01/08/16 | Mrs Robinson
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Sturdy and Good Looking

Bought this due to introducing a new adult male BSH to the household and my other 2 cats wouldn't allow him on "their tree" he's a 7kg big lad and adores the top spot on this tree, the other 2 soon decided they preferred this one to their cheap furry one. As everyone says the instructions are ambiguous, and it took me over an hour on my own of swapping various fittings to find what went where, only downsides were cost and the cushion covers shrunk after a cool wash and now don't fit the foam
01/01/15 | Tara
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I love this so much. It's really nice looking and the cats love it and I'd see them on it quite often especially because I put it near the giant window so they can look outside. The only problem is the screw (nut & bolt) at the base of the shorter pole is not long enough, so once in a while that side would collapse or get wobbly. Even if I twist it all the way, it's slightly wobbly and once it gets loosen from the play then it just collapse. :( Otherwise, it's beautiful and I especially love that the platforms are big and sturdy. Sisal rope poles are good quality too.
07/11/14 | Hilary
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Poor instructions

All great quality, however, instructions pointless and the screws are too small. Husband and son currently fighting the screws to put together...definitely a two man job. But it's going to be good once done!
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A very nice cat tree

This cat tree looks very nice. Takes a bit of brute force to put together but once assembled it is very sturdy and will last for ages. The cats really just use it as a sleeping post though. They squabble over who gets the top basket. The enclosed lower basket doesn't interest them at all. For large cats who like a big stretch and scratch this wouldn't be my first choice. Whilst it does look very nice I wouldn't buy another one - would replace it with a post that encourages the cats to exercise/play a bit more. Basically I would say that this design caters more to human aesthetics than to cat needs. But it is very good value for money.
01/03/12 | S James
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Cat fun!

This looks great, ideal with its neutral colour too as it will blend in any home. My cats love it, especially the top bed. However, I echo some of the earlier comments, it's not easy to assemble (I had to do it myself) and the screws are not ideal for the job (some of the screws needed to be longer so that was really frustrating as it hampered the assembly), I have put blankets over each bed to make it more comfy as the sponge supplied is thin and poor quality. Glad I didn't pay full price but pleased I bought it and so are my cats!
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8 out of 10!

Delivery was fast. Looks great but putting it together was not a walk in the park - particularly the den bit - the bolt they supplied was a nightmare to try to attach to the first "leg" - appeared too short at first and took ages to actually get in - so they really should re-look at that bit. Can't say anything for durability yet as have only had it a few days but as we have six Ragdolls it will certainly be put through its paces!
24/11/11 | mike curtis
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the instructions to assemble this could be better -- it was impossible to put together UNLESS in part A DO NOT tighten up the first part of the screw, as the 2nd part of the screw would not catch. However when completed, it is great.
27/01/11 | Janet Hartley
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Warning - not a one person assembly!!

Whilst this is a beautiful and quite pleasing item I was disappointed with the assembly instruction - nothing is marked and as there is a right and wrong way of putting in the connectors this would have been helpful. BUT the main problem is that you need 2 people to put it together so not really the item for someone like myself who is retired, female and lives on their own so a warning that it may require 2 persons would have been helpful (did find someone to help me, but it cost me!!) Positive note next - service from Zooplus excellent! and the cats like it!
13/08/10 | Nisse
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A pain to assemble but looks good

My cat still prefers his old one, but I prefer this one. It looks better! I wish something was done to the instructions though, they are blurry and not clear. Also the screws to fit could be just a bit longer... The tree is not that stable but luckily also not that high.
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Very good

Had this about a year and in general good. the cats seem to like it although they still favor the settee. the coir has come loose on one of the posts and the foam parts of the bedding have become unusable and have been thrown away. All in all good buy at the cheaper price ...it has 7 cats all on
29/04/10 | Keri, UK
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My kitty adores it but it's a pain to build!

Looks good, and my cat gets loads of fun from it. He loves racing to the very top and staring down at me like king of his castle! The only problem is that it was almost impossible to figure out how to build it from the 'instructions' which are basically just a picture. Even more incomprehensible than Ikea instructions! I did it by trial and error and it look me over an hour! Reading the other reviews I think I will have to dissemble it and start again too, as it's pretty wobbly when he charges about on it. Another reviewer gives a tip not to screw the bolt in too far in each bottom piece, so it tightens up... I'll give that a go - thanks!
06/05/08 | Louise
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Even the elderly like this tree!

This is the only cat tree worth paying that little extra for. It is expensive (I think it's over-priced in all honesty) but the quality is superior. It's also far more stylish than other "carpet" style cat trees. I was surprised how quickly my 16 year old cat took to it, the hammock basket being her favorite place. The top-tier is a little wobbly which puts an elderly cat off a bit, but given the height there is little you can do about the wobble! Zooplus' service was excellent as usual. 9/10.