09/15/18 | PG

Cushions too thin

It's a fantastic piece of kit, but, for the price, I would have expected thicker cushions. The ones provided are incredibly thin and flimsy. I have just had to go to the additional expense of buying a set of circular seat pads. Impossible to find the right size (42cm), so I had to settle for 40cm ones. Not best pleased.

09/09/18 | Veronica Simmons

Must have

I have a Maine Coon,and 3 Birman cats,who love this it’s sturdy so that even the Maine Coon can jump onto the top bunk, and there is no movement,he has claimed the top.even my Papillon loves it, when he gets the chance he gets in the bottom one

01/04/18 | Mandy

Fantastic , sturdy piece of equipement

I’ve had this fior 8 mths now , my two indoor cats have used it everyday , my 3 small chihuahuas are often also seen sharing the bottom two dens with the cats at times. It’s regularly used as a scratching post as well as climbing frame, play area and bed. And is still looking great , it’s strong, sturdy , stable and has taken all the punishment my crew gives it with its head held high so to speak . Very pleased with it and will be replacing a similar version with this in my bedroom very soon

05/30/17 | Nikki

Perfect for big breeds!

We have 36 cats, 15 of which are bigger breeds - Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine Coons. We needed something sturdy, that wouldn't move when they jumped on and off, and big enough for them to be comfortable sleeping on/in. This is perfect. It can easily withstand a massive Maine Coon taking a running floor to top level jump! Very happy and so are the cats.

02/05/17 | Lynne Wood

Outstanding quality

As I have many cats I wanted something strong that would last, at the time I had 2 Maine Coons (now 4) so it needed to be big and sturdy and built like a tank. I got exactly what I wanted, it is strong, big, the quality is as my title describes, outstanding, my cats sleep in it, scratch on it, climb up it, hang off it... they love it. Right down to the fine detail you couldn't get better & I hope to buy another soon.


Maine coon kitten heaven!

We got this barrel after a lot of searching for something sturdy and big enough to cope with our Maine coon kitten. We wanted to get a scratching post she'd be able to continue using once she got bigger and she definitely will! Very sturdy (despite being surprisingly easy to manoeuvre around a flat), well made and Lady loves it! She spends a lot of time sleeping on the top bed and in the cut out holes and they're big enough that she'll be able to do so when fully grown.

11/09/16 | Joanne

Fantastic item!

I first saw this at my brothers house who lives in Sweden who has 6 maine coons. I was very impressed with the quality of this product so ordered one for my 4 fur babies. My Ragdoll particularly loves the top bed! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!


Best scratching post

I bought this almost a year ago, in desperation after my cats damaged carpets and furniture. I tried scratching pads, mats, posts, boxes laced with catnip, in fact everything else before resorting to this scratch barrel. It was quite an investment even at the reduced price but the two cats took to it immediately, using it for play, sleeping and...yes, even scratching. Well worth the money and highly recommended.


Well made, doesn't wobble, looks good

Bought in Nov 2014 for six indoor cats ranging from 3kg to 8kg who took to it immediately. Very stable even when used as a scratcher. Took dangly balls off after one cat got entangled while climbing inside. Very easy to hoover and removable beds wash well. The three holes are big enough for a Norwegian male to get in with room to spare. Maximum scratching area 95cm high x 104cm wide. Ready for replacing now as they've clawed the outside down to the base frame. I will buy again

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