05/10/21 | Agnieszka

Fantastic tree I love It

great tree, I recommend it, really beautiful and solid, a great gift for my pet.

05/03/21 | jackie aisbitt

love this tree

love the tree took a lil to figure out instructions all went well

05/16/20 | Banca Ortiz

My cats love it

My cats love to climb it from the first moment. I have siberians so quite big breed, but no problem. A bit difficult to assemble the middle part on my own (no other option thanks to confinement) but in the end it was possible. It swings a bit but like a real tree would

05/06/20 | Petra Suchanova


Our cat just love it and it is a lovely furniture as well ❤️


Wouldn't bother

Its the prettiest cat tree I've ever gotten, and they're not usually aesthetically pleasing, but I wont bother getting another replacement. Within 2 months, the tree part broke off near the base and had to be replaced (terrible weld).the baskets themselves are made with flimsy weave and are ratty already. In comparison I still have a small sturdy tree with a similar material that's lasted years longer. Its on the way out again, and I have a replacement lined up, but wont go back to this brand

01/08/19 | Phgreen

Excellent, tasteful product that my cat LOVES

Just reading some of the ridiculous poorer reviews. This is definitely a tree for climbers...meaning a cat who has intact claws. My 4 mos old BSH has no problem navigating all the way to the top basket. She loves it. If you find you need to make it sturdier then buy the recommended Cat Tree Wall Bracket priced at under £6 that you fasten to the wall. Not sure if we need it yet. I can’t see how the baskets would fall apart either if you’re keeping the pads in them. I also put it together myself.

01/02/19 | Gail


Purchased this for my 4 cats. It arrived very quickly, was super quick to put together and amazing quality. The base and stand is very solid and extremely sturdy especially with all 4 jumping and attacking it at all angles. Been an absolute hit with all 4 of them....

01/01/19 | Andro


My Maine coon absolutely loves it. It’s her favourite place to sleep. It looks great in the living room. We’ve had it almost a year and absolutely no issues with it breaking (as it says in other reviews). It looks the same as when we bought it. Would definitely recommend.

10/24/18 | Bunny & Harry Rodway. meow!

Cat Paradise!

Our 2 cats absolutely love this XXL cat tree. I bought it due to one cat going outside and laying in a tree in the garden. I'd been looking for another tree for a long while, I knew they'd love it & they do. The beds are lovely & big. Our cats are over 5kg and they sink into the woven baskets & look so cosy. They play up & on the tree chasing each other. The top part of the tree sways when they're in it which is part of the appeal to them. Both the base & the tree are huge! We all love it!

10/04/18 | Leanne


This tree was a little hard to put together (as mentioned below -turn the metal circle part not the pole) but once together my cats loved it so much, they sit there for hours looking out of the window. It’s the first thing people notice when they walk in to the room because it’s beautiful.

06/08/18 | Jan Vint

Beautiful cat tree

My 3 cats love this tree, especially the kitten who clambers all over it. It’s sturdy and beautiful too!

05/21/18 | Danielle


My kitten love it, look amazing in your living room


Great climbing but baskets falling appart

Looks better than traditional cat trees Our 4 cats love it but 2 have difficulty getting down from the top. If the other beds are occupied it ends up in a bit of a squabble as thay have to jump to a lower bed to descend. The main downside is that we have only had it 4 months and the beds are falling apart as one cat loves to chew them. This doesn't make it unsafe but it is very messy. Our boy cat likes to race up the tree. The tree it's self is sturdy but the basket needs retightening often

03/27/18 | Nicola

Just Purrfect

Delivery was fast, ordered it Friday and it was here tuesday. (Today). I had already read the reviews about the fitting problems so it only took about half an hr to unpack and put up by myself and that included wrestling the base back from Sheldon (cat) who claimed it as his as soon as it was out the box. I offset the branches slightly when building it to make it easier for him to jump from one basket to another. It looks great in the living room placed by the window for my boy to look out.

02/12/18 | Claire

Excellent Natural Cat Tree

This far exceeded my expectations. Is beautifully made and excellent quality. Compared with other products, this beats them hands down. Is actually a lovely looking Cat Tree & our cat Maple loves it already. It was easy to assemble too.

02/03/18 | Alison

Cats love but baskets fragile

Our cats love the tree and our bengal boy can jump up to the top basket without knocking it down but it does sway a little! The baskets are fraying a little due to cats landing on the edge with claws. We will repair with garden raffia. Lovely looking and much less pet shop than most trees.

01/23/18 | Evelyn

it's pretty but not practical. NOT value for money

The tree is indeed pretty and very uniquely designed. It looks fantastic! BUT: it is very uncomfortable for our cat to climb it and she lost her footing several times. We can see that she likes to sleep in the baskets, but is trying to find a way around having to go up there. We still have her old tree tucked away (which was also much cheaper), and she keeps seeking it out. We decided to keep this one because we had thrown the packaging away immediately, but wouldn't purchase it again. Sorry!

01/16/18 | Sarah


My three fur babies love the tree. It’s well made and obviously very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this to anybody

11/27/17 | Debbie B

Beautiful and my cats love it.

At any given time at least 1 of my 4 birmans is in one of the beds. It is a structure of beauty compared to most cat trees. My largest boy is pretty hefty at over 8 kilos and it withstands his inelegant climbing. I cannot recommend this highly enough. I would have more if I had room for them. It gets admiring comments from all who see it. Most importantly the cats adore it.

09/30/17 | Kirstie

Really pleased

This is a large cat tree, I found it relatively easy to assemble on my own. It looks lovely, the beds are very roomy and after about a month all three of my cats are using them. I would highly recommend this if you want something "different" from the normal cat trees. It is very heavy and copes well with my cats flinging themselves up and down the levels. I'm sure they will have years of use from it. X

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