02/24/22 | Chelsie


Blown away by the size, quality and value of this scratching post! Like nothing I've seen in the shops. My girls love it.

5 stars

At first this seemed comically tall, but the height is actually a huge plus because my cat can stretch out when she's Scratching.
07/12/21 | Tish

Destroyed after 3 months!

Before this scratching post I had the previous model which was larger and heavier. The new one’s neat as it’s smaller and I like the grey colour rather than cream. After 3 months of use by 3 cats (a Rag-Coon and 2 BSH) it’s detroyed! I noticed the rope coil failing after 6 weeks of use, now it’s in tatters leaving fibres everywhere, the reason I replaced the old one which lasted around 3 years. The rope is too thin and not fit for purpose.

Poor quality materials

I bought this post specifically because my cats like to climb and sit on top and this one looked sturdy enough to allow for this. However, after two days, the cloth covering the top piece had ripped, and I caught them trying to eat the fuzz that kept coming off of the cheap material. I had to remove the top piece because it's not useable, and now I have to get some sisal and try to attach it so they can at least use the pole in the way I had intended. Very disappointing.

Big and Sturdy

Great sturdy tall scratching post. Cats have already stopped scratching my furniture after only 1 day with this post.
10/19/20 | originally published in zooplus.es


It's very good to tell the truth, the only thing that bothers me is that the carpet sheds quite a lot and very quickly too.
10/21/19 | Daniel

Post arrived defective.

Post cannot be assembled properly. Two of the pieces cannot be attached completely and after screwing them in there is a 1cm space left between them, making the post unstable and wobbly. The threads on the studs are of low quality - one stud got stuck in one of the wobbly pieces and it cannot be unscrewed.
07/01/19 | Paulina Martin


I completely agree with some of the comments that the post got smaller to previous version and not as high. Additionally, mine is also defective. Middle part has to be attached by screws to other parts of the post but the holes were drilled incorrectly so it doesn't screw in completely on any of the sides and wobbles. What a shame and waste of money.
01/06/19 | Emily

Not as good as previous version

Still an amazing value for money but am disappointed with the change in updated version and feel it’s not as good for cats. There’s less scratching area, it’s only half sisel and now half material. If you have a tall cat they won’t be able to stretch up fully as they’ll touch material rather than sisel. Have a 3 legged cat who used to scratch lower part of old one but can’t on this one as it’s higher up.

Great all rounder

I bought this as a replacement for the one we've had for about 5 years. The design has changed and it's smaller and narrower than the previous one, which isn't too bad. It's strong and the cats love it. They preferred the old one because it was more stable, I can't really fault this one though.
09/19/18 | Leanne

Great product

This is our second one of these. Our other lasted 2 years with two cats. It’s a great scratch post, very sturdy and big. The cats love stretching out on it. Delivery was very fast and I was kept well informed of when it would be.
06/16/18 | Linda

Amazing, very happy

It’s a great furniture saver, my girls love it
03/12/18 | Vivienne

Jumbo post

I have had one of these for 8 years and only now need to replace it. My cats love it, would highly recommend it.


I bought this post to replace another, which was too small for my long cat. The scratching post fits securely into the base and does not move when my cat uses it. I've not had the scratch post for long but the sisal has not frayed. The illustration shows a cat sitting on the top of the post. There is no way my cat would try to do this on such a narrow post.
03/17/17 | Annette Davis

Decrease in quality

I have bought a number of these posts over the years, and my most recent one, bought approx. last month is of the poorest quality yet. The post is not as wide, has less sisal on it ,and the sisal is thinner. The base is smaller and not as weighted, and the material the post is covered with is not of the same quality. It now balls. Shame. I find a lot of the products I re-purchase do not maintain the original standard of quality.
03/11/17 | Chris


The photo doesnt do it justice! Its big thick massive one, my cats are very happy with it its lovely soft to touch at top and bottom and ruff for they're claws in the middle! Fab buy
02/27/17 | Lesley Black


just received this scratch pole , which was described as dark grey , however it is a horrible mouse brown colour , so I am very disappointed to say the least ! I know many people may think it is not important to match the colour scheme in your house but in my mind it makes it look less obvious so again I am not happy !
06/03/16 | Michelle Olone

Poor copy

I bought this post as a replacement for one I have had for 3 years. The height is much smaller with far less sisal the colour is also not dark grey but brown . Extremely disappointed, I will be returning. First time I have ever been disappointed with your products.
05/19/16 | Jane Phillips

Poor quality

This is smaller than the previous posts and the sisal is poor quality, coming apart very quickly. The fabric at the top has split and the whole thing is a waste of money.
05/10/16 | Daniel


Smaller than the older version in all ways, smaller base, smaller in height and the height of the sisal is lower so for large cats they may not get a full stretch. Still seems sturdy but only time will tell. Came in a smaller package so perhaps this is why they've gone smaller ?

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