Beautiful but won't last long

This cat tree looks great, with natural fibres...much nicer than most of the usual cat trees I have seen before. It's stable and my cat loved it. So much that the tree didn't last a year. All the bamboo broke and the cat started pooling on branches / eating them, leaving a mess on the floor and an unusable leaf! If only we could buy replacement accessories for it...All in all, it becomes an expensive cat tree considering less than a year's use.

Super stable

Great value for money. Fantastic, stable cat tree. My cat loves it!
12/21/20 | originally published in zooplus.it

Beautiful but already destroyed

I bought it less than a year ago, the 'leaf' has been destroyed and the scratch cord is coming off. I have two cats weighing 4 kg, not two lions, yet they have already made light work of the cat tree. Very disappointed with this product, above all because of the price and the fact that there are no spare parts.
11/23/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Unsatisfied with my purchase

Not satisfied with my purchase, I bought in in May and put up the tree three months ago and it's already coming apart even though my cat rarely uses it. After just the third time of using it the sisal started coming off, I wouldn't recommend this cat tree at all especially at this price which is very expensive for what you get. Cordially
01/21/20 | Agnieszka M.

Cats love it but it's not made to last

The cats love it, they climb it, jump on it, sleep on it and chew it. After 6 months the grass used on baskets is ripped and falling off. I wish there were made of more sturdy material like willow or sisal rope and there were an option to buy a replacement baskets.
01/20/19 | Jane

Very good

My two cats love it it’s the first time they have been sleeping so close to each other and it looks goof in the living room.
01/19/19 | Terri

Cats love it

Great cat tree for heavy cats ..my cats love this ...fast speedy deliver and great value from Zooplus ...
01/16/19 | Terri

Best value

Already have one off these which i purchased elsewhere at a much higher price...could not believe the price off this on Zooplus site...so glad I came across Zooplus as this was my first time purchasing from them and I am a very happy customer. . The speedy delivery and quality off product excellent my cats love it.. will definitely be buying from this site again and would highly recommend to others as wont be disappointed
01/11/19 | Sam Flack

Great design but flimsy flowers

Pls could u make it that u can buy the wicker flowers and leaf as replacements as my cats ruin it within weeks of using it.... if we could buy these as replacements it would be good and not wasteful as I don't want to buy the whole tree again just the beds and leaf
01/11/19 | Nicola

The best cat scratch post/beds I have ever bought!!

I bought the Flower Cat Tree when we moved into our new house and wanted to position it in our large bay window. This turned out to be a huge success with my three Devon Rex cats Poppy, Hazel and Coco. The tree gets full sun which they love and they can lounge and watch the world go by- and chirrup at the birds. They have become furry celebrities in our street with the children who walk by and our neighbours. The tree is attractive and doesn't stand out as an eyesore and is always admired.
12/08/18 | NN

Nice product. Highly Recommend.

That is the cat tree that I will recommend to all my friends. The design is beautiful and my cat really enjoy to climb up to. And it is very stable as well.
11/11/18 | Ruby


This is my 2nd burchase of this cat tree, the 1st one the baskets fell apart & had holes in them. I will not buy a 3rd. The manufacturer should make these baskets better & give the option of buying replacements at a reasonable price. I get asked a lot about this cat tree but feel I have to make others aware of the flimsy baskets. Such a shame for such a nice looking practical tree. I have had to request a replacement basket because one on arrival was very badly finished off.
10/04/18 | jill collington

Going to have to get another!!!!! They will not share it

Excellent item very robust and stable. I have two cats and the eldest one Willie has claimed it and doesn't want to share !! so looks like I will have to get another for poor Mollie who really would like a turn in the comfy beds.

Flower cat tree

My two cats absolutely love this tree. The love to climb it and sleep in the cosy beds.
09/03/18 | Elle

They love it

Great cat tree! My boy is 7kgs (ragdoll) and he can fully scratch it and goes on top of it if he wants. My girl a kitten of 1,7kgs has more or less made it hers. It is sturdy! But not that easy to assemble if you’re alone. Took me 30min...
08/18/18 | Browski

Cat tree

Very stable and good looking not out of place in any room. My cat has enjoyed using the scratching post and sleeping in both the level of beds over the past 3 years. He will still occasionally swipe at the little feather toys when he sharpens his claws.

Stylish and sturdy cat tree

This cat tree not only looks great, it is well made too! My kittens love it, great for them now and large enough for when they are fully grown.
06/19/18 | Julie

Fabulous cat tree

Having previously bought many cat trees/ scratchers for my furry friends and been endlessly disappointed with the aesthetics and / or quality, I hoped after reading the reviews this one would be better. It absolutely does not disappoint. It is very sturdy, easy to assemble, good to look at and fits in well to any room. I'd barely finished assembling it and my cat was all over it....she adores it! Very pleased with my purchase, which I also must say for the price 8s incredibly reasonable.
05/30/18 | E Hollings

Very pretty cat tree

Love this cat tree! It is very sturdy - not too big. Very heavy base so no toppling as my cats are large tabbies. Easy to put together - no issues as read in other reviews. They fight over who gets to go in the top bed... Would recommend in an instant.

Stable Cat Tree For Big Cats

It looks like a accessory, our cat loves it.

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