Eddy is very happy with it

My 4 month of kitten Eddy is still hesitant to climb to the highest level, but the first two baskets are being used frequently. I noticed that when he tries to get to 3rd basket, the tree wobbles a bit. Leaning it against the wall solved the problem. I really like the design!
06/23/19 | Ashleigh

This is great & Compact

My kitten is only 11 weeks old & pretty small. Salem absolutely loves it. He can get to the second shelf but then can't get down. This is great, very sturdy. And looks nice. I wanted 3 things, something my cat could enjoy, it didn't stand out like a sore thumb & compact. This is all of those things. However the only thing is the bottom two shelves cannot be taken off, to be cleaned. That's my only complaint.
01/08/19 | Tania

Lovely cat tree

This cat tree was easy and straight forward to put together in less than 10 minutes. My 2 year old Bengal cat used the scratch posts straight away but didn’t use the platforms to sit on until a month later. He missed his old manky cat tree but he’s happy now. He will only use level 2 to sit on though window height . The top level is small and not quite sturdy enough for him though which is a shame hence why I have a 4 star rating. But the product is nice and has a substantial wooden base .
01/07/18 | MitchP

Only lasted a year - young Ragdoll needs more stability and space

I love this beautiful woven tree but we've found it's become unstable and tightening it has not resolved the issue. Our 18 month old Ragdoll now hit's it at speed on his way up from the sofa and then hangs and rides the swings as the base lifts and jams under the sofa... then he continues to climb. Given he's also now having to squeeze himself into the basket we've picked the more roomy "Natural Paradise Cat Tree – M" for his next adventure.
12/03/17 | Gary

Cats play home

Our 2 British short hair 6 month old kittens (4kg) absolutely love this, they climb on it and sleep on it , it's in constant use . It's very sturdy it bolts together and comes with an Allen key to assemble it onto a solid wood base with rubber feet, they jump up and down on it and it doesn't budge and seems built to last .
11/19/17 | Nicki

Looks great

Pros: Easy to put together, everything lined up properly. It is sturdy and looks great in my lounge. The cats love it. Cons: It's a shame the pads in the large beds cant be removed to wash and I'm not sure how long the baskets will survive chewing teeth. The top basket is much smaller than I expected - too small for my two large cats. The main issue is the angle of the top basket makes it too tight for them to jump to the bed below.
11/01/17 | trisha

toys aren't Maine Coon proof!

Our cats love this but the toys lasted about 5 minutes - chewed off by one of our maine coons!

Looks great, easy to put up.

Easy to build and cats jumped on it before it was complete. They love the toys too but I dont think they'll last long.
08/25/17 | Susan F

Loved by Cats & Owner

Easy to put up, looks good when assembled. Pretty sturdy compared to my last cat towers. Cats tend to fight over who gets on it as all 4 love it. Will def buy again.

Excellent cat tree

I bought this about 2 years ago when my kitten outgrew his mini-cat tree and it is definitely my best cat purchase (and I've made quite a lot - he's a bit spoilt!). He LOVED it from the moment it arrived and was being constructed and he has used it since. Now he's a chunky tom, happily squeezed into the top basket. The scratch posts are great too - especially as he's grown - he can really stretch to scratch which he enjoys.
02/06/17 | Cat

Sturdy and long lasting!

I bought this cat tree about a year and a half ago for my then two kittens. They have loved it. It's used every day and they still manage to squeeze themselves into the top layer. I would highly recommend this - and it also looks nice!
02/05/17 | Jacqueline Sawyer

Attractive cat tree

This is a nice sturdy tree and looks good. Good price. Fits well in a tight space. My cats love the hanging toys.
02/05/17 | Karen

Great tree

Bought a couple of these very sturdy all of our raggies use this and never moves and it is also a great looking tree.

Very sturdy cat tree

I'm pleased with the construction and quality of the cat tree but a bit disappointed that the plush covers on the 2 platforms cannot be removed for laundering.
11/01/16 | Lynda Smith

Maysie Lewis

It has taken me a year to decide on a cat tree suitable for my 2 large gorgeous moggies, one of which is elderley, (she needs a stool to get to 1st level) but an amazing tree strong long sturdy scratch posts which they need an love to use, and it looks grrrt far better than picture which does it no justice, i just took a chance and i would recommend to anybody wanting something strong and sturdy, us three love it. Thanks Zooplus
10/28/16 | Christine

This is huge!

Ok my kitten is tiny and with hindsight the small kitten scratcher I got for him may have been enough. The quality is brilliant and it's incredibly sturdy and well made. Ive always felt as though it's better to pay for quality and have it last a long time then go for something for the meantime and I'm very pleased with this.
09/09/16 | Nicola


My cats love this. They play with the little toys and enjoy chilling on the cushions up high, their tails swishing.


Brilliant stable cat tree, suitable for my two chunky cats.

Ragdoll proof. 5 stars

These are so good I have two. I have two very sturdy Ragdolls who absolutely love these cat trees. They nap on them and use the scratching posts so save my furniture. They are also easy on the eye and blend into your home very well. I would highly recommend them. Ragdoll proof so very well made indeed.

Stylish and sturdy

This is a really gorgeous cat tree. Despite its size it's not over powering and the basket/wood/sissal/fleece combination look stylish whilst giving the cats lots of different textures to enjoy. I've got two playful Birmans. The basket at the top holds them both securely and snugly when they are playing husband and wife. The toys are cute too. My boy has an obsession with chewing the elastic that holds them in place but they've not bitten through these yet. I have several odd nooks and crannies in my flat as it is in the eaves of a converted house. I've placed this right next to the higher Catherine tree for corners and they look awesome together providing a really good climbing frame for my cats. Love it. Would be really good if there was a darker colour option too but the lighter beige/biscuit colour will suit most rooms.

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