Excellent value and loved by my two furbabies

Bought this primarily to use whilst grooming my long haired cat as he loves to dig his claws in whilst being brushed, however both my boys love it. They sleep on it, play on it, scratch it, fight over it! Definitely value for money.
07/24/18 | deborah carrington

My Cats Love This

My three cats absolutely love this and one of them sleeps on it so I am buying a second one.
06/08/18 | Kat

My boy loves it

My little boy loves this mat, my girly not so much but still very glad I got it them :)
03/17/18 | Fiona Martin


All four of my cats love playing on and with this mat, so much so that I have now bought a second one. As always they take a while to get used to new things - but that's cats for you.

My British Blue loves this mat

I purchased this mat for my litter of kittens. They liked it but didn't really take to it that well but mummy has loved it since her babies have gone and chooses to sleep on it all the time. She particularly likes the canvas section.
01/02/17 | Val

Love it

My two love this and can play with it in all sorts of ways. The scratch pad gets a lot of use too. A very versatile item and good value for money.

Fantastic play/ scratch mat

Good quality scratch mat. The toys that are attached add a fun element to it. My cat hides under the mat and pounces on the ball. She's not taken to scratching it as of yet. I think it's smaller than the measurements listed on here but that is better for me tbh.
09/06/12 | machollie

Scratch Pad

I love this and my white cat Opal loves smelling, sitting, rolling, sleeping, grooming & playing on it. She loves the mice tails made of string. When I step on the crinkle patch she runs up the stairs to play with it. This is fantastic and may invest in the fish shape one too and get another to put away for crimbo - As I can see this will get used. Good bargain too.
06/26/12 | Anne

Persevere with this mat they will love it!

At first this mat was ignored by our 3 cats and was just treated like a rug I moved it to our bedroom as one of our cats Bonnie stays upstairs a great deal so we have toys around the house .Imagine my surprise when she started playing with the rug usually first thing in the morning this intruiged the other 2 cats and now they all play its usually a game of attack and run and pounce. I am ordering 2 more in the sale toleave round the house..
06/08/12 | Brenda

A hit from Day 1

My four cats just love this mat.There's always someone on it!It's very appealing having all the different textures and sounds. At £4.99 it's a gift and looks nice too.
05/09/12 | Linda P

owner of two young cats

I bought this for my two Siamese cats. I think it look really sweet but they don't seem to care for it at all. It only came today so maybe they just need a bit of time. I bought them both a Valerian pillow or(smelly feet pillow as we call it) at the same time and the cats have been playing with them all day. Maybe when the get fed up with these they will take notice of the Patchwork scratch pad.
03/15/12 | Brie

So cute

We have soo much cat stuff with having 11 of them and we just ordered this and since it arrived someone is always sitting or laying on it. Didn't notice until today that the mice had squeakers in them until I stepped on it! Definately worth 4.99 but the only draw back being that it has a scratchy bit on it and when they try to scratch it, it just moves around. Would be better if it had a non slip backing.

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