28/07/17 | SomaliCatLady
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Cats love it and great for getting meds down them

This is a fab paste, my 3 Somalis love the paste. One cat has needed to have a capsule each day for two weeks...this is the easiest and most stress-free to get his medicine in him each day...I put some paste on my finger, then the capsule, then more paste to cover it up. He licks it and eats it all with no problems. Gone are the days of having to drag the cat out from under the sofa, wrap in a towel, open its mouth and chuck a pill down (all while trying to avoid injury)!! Giving medicine is so easy with this paste.
26/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Fantastic product

Makes our cat purrrr ! :-) You can easily crumble medicine into these snacks and they'll go down with little fuss. Great product that only Gimpet has managed to produce so far. Our cat hates cheap products. More of the same please!!!
06/07/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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This paste is a godsend.

Finally a way to give my cat with thyroid problems her medicine three times daily. She only wants this paste now.
13/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Excellent, tasty, heavenly!!!

My cat is crazy for this paste and the other two also find it delicious! Even my dog can't stop himself around this paste, when he gets the chance to steal it from the cat's plate. Most of the time they get it straight from the tube though. Super tasty, super product! Me and my pets want to say a big thank you to Gimpet - a great company with excellent products!!!
27/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Gimpet Cheese Paste With Biotin

My cats wait patiently for their paste every evening. Nice to see that they like the taste. They also have a beautiful, soft coat.
06/09/12 | Siri
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Kitty's favourite

My cat totally adores this cheese paste and tries to eat it straight from the tube. Her coat is very shiny and she is full of energy. A must have in my cupboard!
20/07/12 | Lou
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Kitty's favourite

My two cats go bonkers for this paste, they love it very much and I love that it's doing them good at the same time!
18/07/12 | Natalie
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My girl seems to have boundless energy after she's had it too. Cat Speed indeed ! Agreed...
16/07/12 | Natalie
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Very rare I take time out to comment on a product but I feel I have to tell my experience to others! I have a 1 year old Devon Rex cross, who had major surgery week before last. She was quite poorly and had the trademark "greasy, clumpy, spiky" coat... she looked dreadful. She moulted for the first time ever too (due to surgery/hormones) She wasn't keen on eating, she is generally a very fussy eater even when well. I received this paste around 7 days after her surgery and started to give it to her straight away... She absolutely loved it (rare!) and the difference in her coat is just phenomenal. Ok, yes a lot of it may well have happened naturally but there's no way that this paste has not helped. The difference has been visible day to day, and now only 5 or 6 days of eating practically the whole tube (not quite haha) her coat is back to its normal beautiful state. I shall continue to purchase without doubt.
28/09/11 | BG
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Mmmm cat cheese

My cat absolutely loves this. She'll eat it direct from the tube if I let her. She's never been interested in any other cat treats but this one is a winner! And it does seem to be helping improve her coat too.
22/06/11 | Louise
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I bought this as an alternative to malt paste, which my cat will not touch, as he is grooming a lot following some injuries. He had doubts at first but now loves it squirted on his biscuits. The major problem it creates is a prolonged period of hyperactivity starting about half an hour after he eats it. We refer to it as moggy speed!
15/06/09 | Judy
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Both my cats love it. The big one has always had skin problems - itchy, scaling, and extreme hair loss all year. This paste has massively improved the situation. Now his coat is really shiny, scaly skin is gone, barely ever scratches any more and he doesn't seem to lose hair practically at all...and all that in hardly any time at all! totally recommend it!