12/25/13 | Rachel

My fussy Peke loves this

There's always a dance, a wiggle for this food. It's very soon gone and replaced with a clean plate. She is very discerning and she looks well on it.


Great food

One of my dogs would not eat every day until it was our bedtime. she would give us a look that seem to say "You expect me to eat this?" With this food she eats every little bit immediately. It is really good stuff !!!!!

01/30/11 | Bev

GranCarno Dog Food

I have a fussy German Shepherd that I have spent a lot of money on trying to find a food she will eat and keep on eating. After wasting a lot of money, GranCarno is the winner. My German Shepherd, looks forward to meals, licks the bowel and even eats her dry food I add to the meat. The meat is fresh, smells good and my dog eats it.

08/14/08 | Emma Cooper


This gave two of my six dogs really bad upset stomach and diahorrea, even though they only had about 100g each mixed with their normal food (they are large breed dogs) I tried it on two opccasions to make sure the food was to blame and it was.