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11/02/20 | originally published in bitiba.fr

Tasty BUT...

I've been buying this for my dogs for years and they love it but I have on numerous occasions (4 I think) found small plastic bits in the food so I've decided to stop buying food from this brand.

10/22/20 | Kristo

Very good dog food

Very good dog food. I buy Mix type and my poodle eats all of it.

12/05/16 | Martin


I was told how good this foods were for dogs. After doing my homework on a lot of produce for dogs this is by far the best I have come across,that is why I am very happy on giving this product a five * rating .

06/18/15 | Bev

Animonda GranCarno Adult Pure Meat

This food is pure. Excellent ingredients. Contains no wheat/grains as on the actual Gran Carno website. My German Shepherd loves this brand of food and never looses interest in it. The meat smells fresh when you open the tin. My Gsd likes all the flavors in this range. It's on a par with Bozita Original tinned meat. Free of antibiotics,e.t.c. Pure unadulterated meat.No problem with stools and okay for dogs with sensitivities because of it's ingredients. My dog has a skin condition and has no problems whatsoever on this food. If I were a dog I would eat this food.