09/07/18 | Jeanne Jones

PROPER dog Food

At last a dog food that gives the right balance as it did 60 years (and before) ago but now we have the convenience of ready made in cans. I'd recommend this way and above any dried food (kibble). Another bonus: solid poos.

04/11/18 | Sarah

Excellent back-up for raw

My dogs love it. However without a detailed breakdown of the constituents it looks as if it would be asy to overfeed on offal, articularly liver which has a complexity with Vit A if overfed. Also there is no bone or tripe content the former a good source of calcium, latter a perfect balance of calcium/phosphorous. Additionally, 450g for a 10g dog is a lot; on full raw my JRT has 150g max & 18kg dog has 300g.

02/21/18 | Julie Wareing

At long last. A food my dogs enjoy!

After 5 years of trying to find a food my dogs love (they are food sensitive) and trying everything under the sun (Raw feeding, Lilly's kitchen, Forthglade, just to name a few) I cam across this food. Why not give it a go? And boy am I pleased I did. My dogs absolutely love it....can't get enough. They don't itch (some foods give them skin irritation) and there poo looks wonderful! (sorry to be graphic) Now have stocked up with this wonderful food. Would recommend to everyone.

09/02/16 | Luana

Brilliant dog food!

Very happy with this food,my Yogi loves!Good price, fast delivery!

01/10/15 | Adam Duffill

Really outstanding food

This is an excellent dog food and smells good enough to eat myself. It has been a very good find. We have a GSD that tends to have a delicate tummy so the mainstay diet is Orijen. We have mixed this in to add texture and flavor and he loves it. He licks the bowl spotlessly clean. Great value too.


The best ever

The best for my dog. He loves it to the moon and back. Canna beat the price

06/15/14 | Maria Wain

Tasty Meaty Dog Food

My dogs can be quite fussy when it comes to food. Only the best is good enough. Neither turned their noses up when i offered them Animonda GranCarno. It looks like real meat and if the dogs are anything to go by it tastes like real meat. Its a great price and there is no waste. A winner all round.

06/07/14 | va

Mixed Trial Pack Animonda

My Shiba inu loves Animonda.I like the trial pack because Kazan is getting bored with the same food all the time. New can open and excitement is back



Picky akita loves the food. I mix it with orijen and dog loves it. Also for the current price is a bargain!