29/01/18 | B. Foster
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This is a really good food for the dogs. Smells good and dogs smell good as a result with good coats, clear eyes and no dander. Also, with the food being organic, the meat will not have come from animals routinely treated with antibiotics. So if there's a need to give my dogs antibiotics then the treatment should work
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

This organic meat is best

Thank you for the opportunity to have found this product. My dogs love this food and so do I knowing it's full of meat from organic sources with no antibiotics. Smells pleasant and my dogs smell pleasant as a result.
13/12/13 | Katarina
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So happy to find this product. My cat is intolerant to chicken and is on a wet food turkey diet with a tin of Thrive tuna every now and then. I have been feeding him JWB pouches and will probably continue to do so but it is so brilliant that you can get such a high meat content with no junk and the guarantee of an exclusive protein source. I will probably use this on a rotational basis with the JWB, Thrive and raw turkey. This could only be better by being a complete cat food but then it wouldn't be suitable for dogs. Having said that, I have Felini complete powder which I may be able to mix in with this or the raw if necessary. Really happy to have found this product. A little bit of me dies every time I have to throw a cat food sachet in the bin and it's great to be able to recycle the tins. Being vegan I am also really interested in the source of the meat I feed to my cat. Hermann's are a great company who are very interested in the welfare of the animals they are raising as well as feeding. I wouldn't want my cat eating the antibiotics and junk they pump into poor meat industry animals. All round hands down winner for me. Really happy.
20/09/13 | craig robinson
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great dog food.

excellent food. you can't go wrong with this, i'd be surprised if any dog did not like this food. put it in the fridge to harden the liquid in the tin, if you feel it could be too runny. it's really good dog food.
09/08/13 | craig robinson
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excellent food

i had doubts about this because you could hear it flopping about in the tin, and when you open it you could swirl it round the tin. i thought they won't eat this, but to my surprise they ate 2 full tins in one sitting which they have never done before, it's a softer meat than other brands and has a bit of liquid in the can. my dogs are westies and fussy dogs so i will keep using this and try other varieties. it's trial and error with dogs so i am happy that they enjoyed this food.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Good Food, Great Ethos.

My dogs adore this company's Turkey with Fruit & Vegetables menu and I adore the brand's tag line: "…love for animals is not limited to dogs." This reference to the humane way the organic meat is raised and slaughtered makes this food the perfect combination of ethos and quality. My only quibble is that I would prefer a slightly higher percentage of meat. My preference would be nearer 70% protein over the current 50% on offer. It's an alteration to the recipe I'd be willing to pay for. Overall: Good job!
27/04/13 | China Ferrera-Moran
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My Husband (Military Officer) and I are in LOVE with our Doggy who we paid 2,000.00 dollars to fly here with us from the U.S. We need to keep our Rudi here on this earth with us as long as possible and that means the best diet. I was so pleased to find Hermanns Organic Steamed Meat. The Germans always make quality products and this is no exception. It is manufactured to the strictest standards and is 100% organic which means peace of mind in knowing the animals Hermanns uses were not shot up with nasty hormones or drugs and raised on Organic feed. My Husband and I don't eat that well! Every dog needs REAL meat ( we use this to supplement his Orijen Grain- Free Kibble.) The fact that Zooplus delivers all of this RIGHT TO MY FRONT DOOR? Well...my cup runneth over! I'm a happy Hermanns, Orijen AND Zooplus customer!
03/02/13 | Lynn
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Luxury dog Food

My staffies are very fussy eaters. One is 11years old and the younger one, 2. Most brands i've tried either one likes but the other doesn't except Hermanns, May be a bit expensive but worth it. I've knocked a point off because the beef 100% has changed composition and my dogs are starting to go off it. Wish it had less jelly and more meat because the beef one now looks like slime and my dogs turn their noses up at it. What's gone wrong! It was a clear jelly before. Remember though, these foods are 100% protein, so I add fresh veg and potatoe or rice for a balanced meal.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Peace of mind!

Having no children, our dog is Everything to us and I love the idea of supplementing my baby's kibble with REAL ORGANIC ,steamed meat free from fillers ,grain and additives!
26/01/10 | Deborah
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Pure meat - must be mixed with veg

A wonderful pure meat product - just protein but should be mixed with veg (or grain / carb if you must!)

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