05/01/21 | Betty Dunne
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Hills I/d Stew Food

By far the best food for my dog who had a dodgy tummy. Has been eating this and a Hills I/d low fat dry food for about two years now and has never had one of her tummy/bowel issues since her vet prescribed it for her. Thanks Mark....
16/08/20 | KJL
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Good alternative to regular i/d

If you have a dog that needs to be on i/d and doesn't find it too palatable, this is far more like a regular food in texture and smell and appearance.
10/11/19 | Ramunas Miliunas
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Not good

Food is not good for my dog. He has diarrhea from it!!!! Something's wrong with it!!! I will demand compensation!!! I tried 7 times to score the same.