20/01/19 | John Robinson
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Satisfaction by Default

My French bulldog has always been a fussy eater & has never been consistent when having to pick up after her. Our vet gave her this feed when she suffered a severe bout of pancreatitis and I have been giving it to her since. She thoroughly enjoys it and diarrhoea has become a thing of the past.
07/01/19 | lesley
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Good service

Order arrived in a short time,which is very good Our dog likes this item better than the others on the market
07/11/18 | Chrissy Andrews
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Positive outcome

Unbelievable results, It looked like the amount of food from the tin was much more than I usually feed. But, weight loss is 4.5 kg ….. Start date was 1st August 2018 and weighed in on 5th November 2018 with a loss of 4.5 kg. We now have a healthy, happy, bouncy dog at just under 20kg. Just need to find the same for me!!!! We are over the moon and can highly recommend this product.
10/10/18 | Julie
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Dog likes it but .....

My dog does like this but gets really fed up with the same flavour. Does it come in another flavour? Can anyone recommend another product with other flavours? My dog does have kidney disease. Thank you
30/09/18 | lisa rarity
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my 14 year old border collie was diagnosed with kidney disease, so were advised by the vets to try K/D from hills. he has been on half wet, half dry for the last 3 months. at his last blood test we were told that his levels had all gone back down to the top of normal. what a relief. the service from zooplus and delivery are also brilliant. win win all around.
09/06/18 | Lynne Merrilion
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Hill excellent value

My Chihuahuas were always at vets with tummy upsets now both eat Hills Prescription food wet ZD and ID although expensive than normal dog foods and I’m a Pensioner age 71 on pension I don’t get so many vet bills because of tummy upsets
02/03/18 | Heather Norrison
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Dog loves it!

Poppy has had repeated episodes of Struvite stones so needs this type of food to avoid a recurrence - the previous one I tried she ate, but with little enthusiasm - this one she loves and can't wait to get started!
12/02/18 | Penny
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Worked for us

My dogs have been on this for 2 years now, no more itchy hotspots or dodgy tummy’s. Went through lots of tests, but if we had gone on this in the beginning could hav3 saved a fortune.
27/01/18 | Rachael
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my dog was very near being put to sleep after months of loose stools and loss of appetite put her on this food and totally transformed she has put a lot of weight back on and her coat is glossy would highly recommend this well worth the extra money
27/01/18 | Mia, Emilia
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highly recommended

My cats have been very ill around Christmas. After 2 days at the hospital and another 10 days ICU at home they were finally doing better but have lost so much weight. I have tried various foods when and none seem to work. Till i found Hill`s wonderful solution. They could finally eat on their own a little, and after they were done i would syringe feed them the rest to make sure they had their portion to recover. Little by little, day by day they have recovered. Many thanks Hill!
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Great for hedgehogs!

Recommended to me for my rescue hedgehogs and they love it! Encourages the poorly ones to eat and also can be mushed up and syringe fed to little ones. Only problem is they get used to it and won’t eat cheaper food! :)
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Thank you Zooplus

My dog is diabetic. This stuff really works. Accidently bought the other ID easy digesting dry dog food used it for two weeks before realising and my dogs bloods came back as out of the good zone then put him back on this stuff and sugar levels went back to normal. And Welldone Zooplus for making it more affordable for us dog owners!
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Palliative Care

Easily digested for dog with chronic pancreatitis as well as stomach & liver tumours. Along with medication, maintaining quality of life & comfort.
11/10/17 | Stephen Green
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Excellent product / Excellent service

Since nearly losing Molly (miniature Schnauzer) at the age of 1 to pancreatitis she has been on Hills Low Fat ever since. She is now 5 years old and has never had any more trouble. Zooplus is definitely the cheapest company around and their loyalty programme discount is a great incentive to keep coming back.
04/10/17 | Blake
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Works wonders if your dogs if your gets diarrhea. Everybody should keep a few tins of these handy.
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Spot on

Excellent food for my dog with a very serious malabsorption condition. Very palatable, tried many other similar foods but this one ticked all the boxes...
26/06/17 | Enid Cooper
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Dissappointed customer

This product is still not as good as it was since you had a problem with delivery from the USA at the beginning of the year, it use to be moist & easy to put my dogs tablets in but now it is dry & crumbly , why have things changed?
13/06/17 | Tony Baker
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My Cavalier King Charles was diagnosed with colitis 18 months ago and put on this...she really loves it and it's honestly the only dog food she's ever got excited about, I also cut it into small cubes which we use as treats & rewards...she's been fine since and would definitely recommend it and also Zooplus is so much cheaper than our vets 👍
29/05/17 | Jax Rice
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Weight loss

My greedy pug has weight problems, and constantly hungry. Since starting on Hills R/d his weight is coming down steadily which makes my vet and me happy, plus my pug isn't constantly looking for food.
30/04/17 | Jan Cox
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My fussy cat wolfed it down.

My 16 year old cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which had caused her to lose a lot of weight but she was not eating anything. I started her off on a tin a day and she eventually took an interest in her other food. I've since bought the thyroid care food to support her condition and in the first 2 weeks on restorative care she has put a pound on. She is so much better as she was at death's door. Thank you