04/01/22 | David Mortimer
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I have my 15 year old westie on this food and it’s brought her back from the dead she loves it and it’s like it’s added years on to her life fingers crossed!!!
09/12/18 | Petra
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Very pleased

My 14 yo staffie was diagnosed with ckd and refuse to eat royal canin renal dry/wet.. I was sceptical about this product but decided to give it a try as I saw lot of great reviews here. And she is loving it!! I am so happy!! I had to cook for her special recipe food for ckd disease but now I can take a break with the cooking and my doggie is still happy to eat!! Thanks a lot!!
01/05/18 | Marilyn Hesslewood
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My almost 13 year old dog was diagnosed with stage three kidney disease and prescribed the common renal brands of food. Would she eat them? Not on your life. After spending a fortune on several different brands and with a dog becoming more and more depressed and losing weight I decided to try this make. Oh, what a difference! She loves it. She now has put on weight and is back to her normal happy self. In fact, I think she’s better than she was before. Only hope Zooplus don’t run out of stock.
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So grateful for this food

My beloved border collie was diagnosed with severe renal failure and given months to live. He was losing weight and appetite fast and wouldn’t eat much of the prescription diets. Found this online and he loves it (both flavours). Mixed with Burns hypoallergenic mixer (ok for renal dogs) and he is doing really well. 6 months post diagnosis he is surprising my vet every visit!
26/09/17 | Mary Honey
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Fantastic food, brilliant value

My dog has severe kidney disease and we have tried several different brands of renal food, wet and dry. This one actually looks and smells appetising (even to a human!) and Romeo absolutely loves it. He picked at the other brands but this one he really enjoys. And it's half the price or more of other brands. Perfect!
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At long last

Having a dog in kidney failure is a blow but her not liking the prescription diets was another, the consistency of other renal food was like mousse and stuck to the roof of her mouth, but this she ate instantly and looked for more, have only tried beef but so far very pleased
10/07/17 | Tess the Terrier
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Fussy Eater Loves It

Having only recently been diagnosed with acute kidney disease, I had to go on a prescription diet, and I hated it, the food was bland, and I didn't like it. But my parents (mummy) found this for me and I love it! I now look forward to meal times. The beef flavour is my favourite, and the chicken isn't to bad either. Mummy says it's good value for money (whatever that means) and the vet (don't like her!!) says it's good as well.
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Fantasic, life saver

My dog was diagnosed with early kidney disease and put on a prescription diet. He hated every one of them and started losing weight. I discovered this by sheer fluke...and he loves it. It looks like real dog dinners and smells like it too. Vet prescribed diets are wet,sloppy and no smell. Which is ridiculous given how much dogs depend on smells. This also works out £30 per month cheaper than the Royal Canin he was turning his nose up at.
29/01/17 | Lynn Mander
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My whippet has kidney disease & therefore needs an appropriate food. We have tried all the various makes with their different prices & consistencies & this is the nearest to normal dog food. Buddy loves it where as the others he really wasn't fussed. Really recommended, if my fussy boy likes it it must be good.