18/01/19 | Anne Flint
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Life saving renal dog food

My elderly greyhound who is in renal failure had been refusing to eat his usual brand of food and was wasting away so I decided to see what else was on the market. I found this product but thought the fabulous reviews must be a bit exaggerated - they were not. For the first time in months my dog is eating entire meals not picking at it and leaving most of it. Wish I had found it when he was first diagnosed, it has saved his life.
31/08/18 | Christine
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Great stuff

My dog got diagnosed with kidney disease 5 months ago, I use this as a topper and mix it in with his renal kibble and he absolutely loves it, was worried he wouldn’t eat the renal kibble going off peoples comments with their experiences so decided to use these along side the kibble and he cleans the bowl every meal time, his last blood work came back loads better so the food must be working, would definitely recommend them plus they are a lot cheaper then the Hills or RC ones!
16/05/18 | L goodwin
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Kidney disease in greyhound

Having been told my beautiful girl had kidney disease the vet recommended a special kidney diet , tried Royal Canin and hills kd- didn’t like after a few weeks Was getting very worried as she had lost her appetite and lost 2kgs. Came across this by accident so ordered some thinking it wouldn’t be any good as it was not a name I’d heard of and price was so much cheaper than all the other brands. - well my greyhound loves these trays and she’s put on 1kg so far. A lifesaver.
23/06/17 | Andy roper
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At last

My dog collapsed and was diagnosed with kidney disease the vet gave me a tin of prescription food but my dog wouldnt eat it his is weight plumeted i tried other top brands and he wouldnt eat any...this stuff is a life saver

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