06/02/17 | C. Still
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They love this

All flavours have gone down well, but perhaps the tripe is favourite. I have four dogs who all line up for their dinner now and it is wonderful to see them enjoying their food so much. All dishes are licked clean.
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Our dog likes it

The meat is nice and chunky and the dog likes eating it and it's good for him
24/09/15 | Sue Murray
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the tripes the tops!!

I have a mastiff and use a dry food recommended by the breeder with raw meat - however when we go away - carrying raw meat isnt always comvenient - so 18 months ago tried Rinti Tripe - well not only does she love it, but shes well on it - no upset stomachs, no sickness - just one very happy dog - great product - always keep some in the cupboard
17/02/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Only Rinti is what we feed!

My dog is in love with this food. Especially the one with chicken hearts is the one he likes. The consistency varies, sometimes it's more solid, sometimes a little looser. I can only recommend Rinti. My dog is carnivorous and is hereby well served.
25/10/13 | Jake
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Good and tasty

We have the duck and the meat looks really good, smells fresh and is clearly very tasty.
06/09/12 | jane cobley
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Excellent Product.

I have two ex racing greyhounds with sensitive stomachs!!! This product works wonders for them. Good Quality and a reasonable price.
04/11/11 | Linipoos
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Excellant quality

I came upon Rinti 800g Ham by chance. Zooplus sent me this product instead of what I ordered. However, whilst a decision by zooplus was being made about my wrong order, I had to start on the cans. The meat is very good and my dog loved the ham. He is on the beef now and I have ordered the lamb. Rinti is ideal for my dog as he is allergic to rice and has vegetable intolerances which inflame his stomach, so Rinti is ideal as it only contains meat.
19/12/09 | Lorraine Tilston-Brookes
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My 3 Leonbergers love this food, I have never seen them so excited at meal times, one of them has numerous food allergies and cannot eat most commercial foods as they always add stuff like peas or kelp, neither of which she can eat, where this food is just the meat and she is doing fine on it, thank you.
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Excellent dog food

My English Setter loves this canned food, it does not smell and he cannot get enough of it. It is easily digested. I highly recommend it. Thank you zooplus.
15/06/07 | Lewis
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Excellent product if you can't get frozen/fresh or hate the smell

I was looking for fresh/frozen green tripe to help my dog's kidney problems - he HATES the prescribed diets, and raw green tripe (supported by Ipakitine) is a good substitute but not always easy to find (and it stinks!) He thinks this is a great product, and I think it's a good price with quick delivery. Only 0.3% Phosphorous too. Plus I can order toys for the birds at the same time!

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