13/03/18 | Vibeke Midlander
: 5/5

very digestible!

Any of my dogs can cope with this in their stomacs, and they all love this ..give it to them once in while for a little exstra enjoyment!
: 4/5

Pros & cons

Unfortunately this did not suit my Chi with colitis and her poo was not great with it (though she was not ill with it either) so back to RC gastro BUT the silver lining was that my other Chi who has point-blank refused to eat any dog food in his entire life (and I have tried pretty much everything) absolutely loves this food....so I am amazed and will get it again
01/07/17 | Dave Wright
: 5/5

Finally! Yorkie Sized Tins

Over the years we have wasted so much dog food because of the larger tins. This size fits our little one perfectly. Since she's finishing the tin, we're throwing a lot less out. The recipe suits her delicate tummy.