01/16/17 | Evelyn Bradley

Excellent food

My dog suffered from loose stools, this food has kept her digestion healthy. My reason for 4 stars rather than five is the large amount of gravy with the chunks.

Dog loves it

Changed my dog from years on Royal Canin in the hopes of stopping once and for all his 'slug' poohs. He's been on various diets non have helped and I've always returned to Royal Canin. He still does lots of small poohs but they are better formed. His coat looks great (wasn't bad before) so I'll be going for a longer trial feed on this. Gets eaten in seconds
09/15/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Very good meatballs

I have been feeding this to my dogs big and small for over 10 years and they are all in great health, very dynamic and very happy dogs (even my 12 and a half year old is running and playing like a young pup). I compliment it with the kibble by the same brand.
09/15/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Appreciated by my fussy gourmets

Delicious mouthfuls wolfed down in less than a minute. Chanel, who is pretty tricky when it comes to food, and Fidji my little border collie, are crazy about it. They are really appetising: you couldn't get further away from that supermarket stuff full of dyes and other additives. Wholeheartedly recommended !
08/26/12 | JMW

goes down well

My dogs got a sensitive tummy, he has had pancreatitis, and i was told to feed chappie, well he wont eat it, and i dont blame him! He loves this as has tried 2 flavours so far and it does not upset him. I am pleased i was able to find this here.
08/11/12 | Annie

Meaty chunks

My dog is rather a fussy eater but he loves this tinned food :-)

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