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My healthy vegan dog loves them

My dog loves these yarrah vegan organic chunks. I mix them with her dry food and she wolfs it down. I can’t recomm them enough.
16/09/18 | Kelly Patricia
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A real life saver

My dog loves it, thankfully, as he needs it. Can have no meat or fish or food with derivatives of meat or fish even. No Omega 3. Been so ill with tummy problems eradicated with this. Most importantly he likes it. Please keep it coming, his last food they discontinued. He's so precious. Thank you r
02/09/18 | Roxana
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my dog loves it

he can't wait to lick the bowl clean
07/07/16 | Vera Marney
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Great food

My vegan dog is on Green Veggie 100 dry food, it gets Yarrah wet food as a tasty addition to his meals. He loves this food and it is healthy too.
04/04/16 | Imogen
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My dog loves these

my dog has never been keen on any foods which makes meal time difficult as he normally refuses to eat anything, he hated all meat based foods I would feed him and they would upset his sensitive tummy too, he ate Orijen 6 fish for quite a while. I've always been vegan myself, I wanted to put him on a vegan diet also, but as he's so fussy I assumed he would hate it. I tried him on some vegan dry food and he took to it straight away but after a week or so he lost interest again, started not eating, but since I found these Yarrah chunks, he scoffs down his food like there's no tomorrow! Something I've never seen him do! His poos are also solid and he's full of energy, this is the best dog food I've ever bought! I mix half a tin with some dry food each day as it's quite expensive, but zoo plus has the best price for them out of everywhere else :) cannot be happier
06/05/15 | Rebecca
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Well done Yarrah!

Great that Yarrah do a vegetarian wet food as well as dry food and treats. Our dog has IBD and can't have meat or fish. This food is nice and moist.