06/18/21 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

very good food

Have had lots of good experiences with this. My dog likes it a lot.

03/12/21 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

zooplus classic with chicken

My dogs love it and always leave their bowls spotless

12/10/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Very good product

I had some doubts about the quality, and well I was mistaken, it's really good stuff, my dog loves it, you can the chunks of meat, but if you could get rid of the oil that doesn't seem to do anything that would be even better.

10/23/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk


My dog really loves it! We add it to her Lily's Kitchen Chicken and Lily's Kitchen Chicken and Salmon hard food. Finally she can eat with joy! She was very jealous that the cats got soft food at night, so she had to get some for herself. We will continue to purchase this and Zooplus Selection. She also has severe food intolerances. I think we finally found some food for her. But she still eats grass. Just make sure you are giving them enough calories.


Very good product !

My 12 year old dog has become very difficult when it comes to food, as well as having digestive trouble. I decided to try this product and he loved it straight away! You can see that the meat used is fresh, it's more of a pate than traditional tinned food. The smell is quite pleasant almost, and my dog hasn't had any digestive difficulties. I always give him one tin. I highly recommend it ! Very good value for money !

04/08/19 | Irene

Best food ever

Never seen my fussy dogs devouring any food as quick, and my cat loves it too so they growl at each other as soon as they see me with the can putting food into their bowl....

11/06/18 | Jacqueline Kenyon

Excellent food, awful delivery and customer service!

I have been trying different brands of food for my very fussy dachshund and this has been his favourite by far! I highly recommend this product but would advise ordering well in advance as my most recent order took almost a week to arrive and my customer services representative was decidedly unsympathetic.

03/09/18 | Linda Reed

cereal allergy good news

My dobermann cannot have cereal and when I started her on this her coat skin got so much better. She loves the meat

02/12/18 | susan jackson

smells great

i have a very fussy goldendoodle that ive tried feeding all sorts to,she adores this and i will be buying more for her :)

03/09/17 | Jenny

Good food, great price.

My little terrier absolutely loves this food, it seems to be him favourite. I will be buying this regularly to keep him happy.


Excellent grain free food at sensible price

My GSD is allergic to several things, wheat being one of them. She has Taste of the Wild dry food which is the only one that consistently keeps her skin free from irritation. We mix a sixth of a tin of wet food in and this is perfect. She loves it and it is easy to use, lots of smaller chunks. It is also a great price compared to similar products.