19/04/19 | aimee
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they love it

i got this for my new kitten, but they all love it, so we will be ordering more of them next week, to keep everyone happy! its a very nice product, and looks lovely, would highly recommend it.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5


This is a fantastic bed. All my cats love it and even the new arrivals love it. My queen even gave birth in it! It is mostly used by my black and white cat but has been hijacked by the new kittens 😂 it is a good size and looks very good. I’m very pleased with my purchase 😃
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My kitten just loves this bed - she's always curled up and snoozing in it!
26/10/16 | Monika
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Beautiful and super soft

I got 3 of them, gorgeous silvery grey color with pure white, which is difficult to find. Matches perfectly my interior. Is made of very silky velvet
21/03/15 | Jay
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Great Bed

Got this for our new kitten, before getting this her first grown up bed she had been sleeping on a flat easy to climb on bed, so as I was a little concerned how she would cope I set it up as a flat bed! She took to it immediately and after a couple of weeks I changed it to the bed with the raised sides, if it was at all possible she loved it more! Now she is a bit bigger and she lays peeping out between the petals, soo cute! Would I recommend? Deffinately it is as described.
01/12/12 | Anne Hanson
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A beautiful luxury looking bed

I chose this bed for my cat as it colour co-ordinates with my living room decor (grey with fuschia) Lots of cat beds of darker colours do not look so good. The fabric is good quality and my cats are mainly white in colour and do moult a lot. Their white hairs are not very noticable with the white inner of this bed.