18/01/19 | vera
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I bout this bed for my Germen shepert dog.. he loved.. after 6 year.. the bed is still same !!!.. the best bed ever... really good quality..
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So far, so good!

Bought this for our GSD who spends a lot of time on her bed and other ones flatten and go out of shape quite quickly so thought we would try this one. She loves it and, so far, it is still thick and in good shape.
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Poor quality

Poorly crafted. Zip had had its own threads caught in it, therefore when I had to take the cover off, the zip separated. Does not repel dirt as it states. One of my dogs was ill and the mess soaked right through so that was the end of the bed. While it was a nice bed, the memory foam separated from the bottom foam layer at the corners. Not the type of bed that will last years.
17/02/18 | Jane
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Poor quality. Very disappointed. Have this bed just over 4 weeks for my one year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. Using this bed just for night sleep (day time using different, cheap bed). After 4 weeks the foam inside is cracked, zip broked after first washing. Quality vs price 👎🏻
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Excellent buy.....

..although the dogs were a little dubious at first, this bed is now definitely the best place to be. Bought it for ageing retriever , but the lab likes it so much that I've just had to order one for him as he no longer wants to go on his old bed. Good size, the dogs look comfortable, with plenty of room to stretch out on and wriggle around on...and there's even a corner for the cat.
01/08/17 | Susan Smith
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Don't buy this - doesn't merit even 1 star

Very poor quality, foam split after 2 weeks and cover in holes. Used by 4month Vizsla pup just at night with a blanket cover, so not subjected to any rough and tumble. Cheap fleece dog bed still going strong after repeated washings, so by comparison this is a lot of money wasted. Definitely not "memory foam", just cheap biscuit-y foam with points on. Have contacted Zooplus and sent photos as requested. Awaiting outcome.
22/05/17 | Eve
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Very comfy

I bought this bed in either 2010 or 2011 (can't remember which) for my dog who has a catastrophic hock injury and who is in severe pain. We have a number of dog beds but this is the preferred choice for both my injured dog and the younger one. It has lasted years and has even withstood hoovering. One of my best buys ever
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Your dog will thank you for it.

I bought this for my 13 year old GSD. The 98cm size was fine for a dog this size. The material is a little bit thin but the fleece on top is incredibly soft. The foam has the egg box texture. It's a good depth and she seems much less fidgety. I looked up the Oeko-Tex Standard and it seems the dogs bed is a better standard than my own (not much new there). The cover is treated to protect against water and oil but I always use an extra blanket on top as its easier to clean. Happy dog, happy owner.