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My gsd chews her bones like crazy and thus one seems to be holding up very well so far. Not a chew mark in it and she takes it round with her a lot. Highly recommended
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It survives!

This is one of very few things to survive my 9 month old German Wirehaired Pointer. He loves to chew, and most toys last only minutes. This has lasted a few weeks so far! The only other things that have lasted as long are Nylabones and stag antlers. Highly recommended for strong, obsessive chewers. I'm very impressed, and he loves it!
23/03/16 | Emma
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I have a 8 month old ridgeback who loves to chew and eat everything. This toy is amazing not only is it massive you can put treats inside it and this is the truly great bit he has been chewing it for a good month not a single sign of any chewing on it :) Really good price wish they had more of there toys on here.