15/03/21 | Colin
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Excellent product

My Belgian mallios pup still chews on this sometimes but has moved on to the bigger black extreme version of this.its well worth it for any puppy
10/01/18 | Martina
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Awesome product

My baby boy, a JR mix, enjoys this thing so much! I fill it with KONG treats or other big enough and I give them to him to play when he's home alone. Recommended!
20/01/16 | Joy
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Within 2 minutes my puppy had torn pieces off this bone,very flimsy.
12/07/14 | Jo Vaughn
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Whippet puppy loves it!

Our puppy hasn't been too keen on shop bought toys and prefers slippers and our socks to sneak onto his bed and chew! However, this kong puppy bone is fantastic. He loves it and It is a great boredom buster and excellent for him to chew on his bed so we can get things done around the home without him hanging on to our ankles! Excellent price when compared to other retailers. SUPERFAST delivery as always.
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Six months of play and counting!

Got this when my little Highland Terrier X was three months old and boy does he love it. He will play with it with or without treats. This is the ONLY toy that has lasted. Even another Kong dental toy with rope was destroyed within ten minutes (no joke!). Would definetly recommend this little gem of a toy.
26/04/13 | Paul
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Keeps pup occupied!

Recently got a new pup and I decided to get one of these. They are fantastic! To keep my pup busy and entertained, I stuff some moistened kibble in either end of the kong. He loves it and spends ages playing with it. He also loves carrying it around the house and into the garden. The kong is soft enough and suitable for puppy chewing, doesn't damage teeth and keeps him from chewing expensive things in the house. I am sorry now I didn't get one of these with my other pups!
22/08/09 | D Lake
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Very Pleasing!

My little puppy of 3 months love this bone as it is soft, and has great fun trying to get his treats out.A great buy!!