11/30/17 | cc

Excellent, easy, durable product

My Picardy Spaniel got the hang of using this straight away. It works on my fold-out bike really well and means that we are able to enjoy lots of fun exercise together. The bar creates a good distance between the bike and the dog and the bungee cord absorbs any potential shocks, too.

01/02/17 | Kate

Great but not perfect

I have a large border collie x standard poodle who is a very fast runner and had to be on the lead for some months whilst we were training him NOT to chase sheep. This has been brilliant for letting him have a run. Minor grumbles-our likes don't have 100% verticals under the seat. Using one lead is too short for him, both together is too long. The catches that hold the attachment on-bit flimsy and tricky to push in. More suited to flat terrain. That said, would definitely recommend!

12/05/16 | james gale


an excellent product, easy to fit and sturdy, my lurcher took to it without shying from it and loved it immediately, I would recommend this product to any one there is no sensation of pulling or jerking I inadvertently reviewed a similar product but bot being similar I imagine the other one would be the same as the Trixie biker set

07/20/16 | Gina Clements

Biking with a big dog brilliant fun and great exercise

Excellent product. I have a 39kg wirehaired Viszla. It took him less than 8 mins to master, now if I unhook him to run freely he jumps up..I thought agitated at the wheels but no, he is asking me to put him back on for a run. I watch to see if he is getting tired then slow down or stop for him. I read its important to check paws after running on concrete; also check heat of the concrete incase its too hot by holding back of hand on it for 5 seconds, if its too hot for us it might be for them too

06/20/16 | Heidi Edwards

Best thing I ever bought!

This is a fab thing; have been using it for 3 years now and if offers optimum spacing between you and your dog. My dog has been great, and despite trying to run off at a tangent a couple of times after pheasants; the coil and central positioning of it means that the 'pull' is ust absorbed and I am not pulled off my bike. Ingenious!

06/10/16 | Yvette


Why does Zooplus do not offer a second attachment to be bought separately. My bike was stolen with the attachment and now I cannot use that great product anymore

09/02/14 | Dinky


I love to ride a bike with my dog (whippet/Staffy x). After a ride around Ladybower reservoir holding onto the dogs lead my shoulder started to ache and I thought my dog cycling days were over. I found the Trixie Biker-Set de Luxe on the internet, my initial thought was that I would be pulled off the bike, this has not happened even with the temptation of squirrels!! Last weekend we cycled along the Staffordshire canals letting Dinky run free as often as possible, she happily comes back to be attached to the bike when needed. Onlookers constantly remarked on the Trixie Biker-Set de Luxe and I highly recommended the product.

07/12/14 | Karen

Great product

I ordered after reading all the great reviews, so glad I did, my boxer loves it. The customer service team were brilliant, definitely recommend this product and company as the price was the best I could find.

06/09/14 | Dale-icious

A product I love!

My dog instantly loved using this, and has been a great introduction into the world of bikejor. The first time we used it, it felt like we were a pack of wolves on the hunt. It was so exhilarating! I would definitely recommend this product to anybody with a dog that LOVES to run.


A success with my gang!

I have five dogs and gave each of them a half hour trot around some quiet roads. I am amazed at how quickly they got into their stride. A couple of them weren't too sure at first and were a bit panicky but once we got going, they loved it. Make sure you pedal the right speed for your dog, he should be trotting comfortably at your side, not running! I wouldn't use this item with dogs older than 6 -7 years as it is quite a tough work out for them.

10/25/13 | Samantha

Our labrador really loves this.

Our Labrador took to using the bike-set in about 30 seconds, and absolutely loves it. He's a very strong dog, and he goes nuts for cats and squirrels, so I was worried that he might pull the bike over or off course if we encountered one. It hasn't happened yet, despite his serious efforts, the bike has remained stable at all times.

08/04/13 | Peter Hill

Excellent product

My dog can very nervous of anything new, but was soon running along side my me quiet happily. A great way to exercise your dog.

04/30/13 | Simon Powers

Great Invention

I was a little dubious before getting this thinking that our Chocolate lab, who is a bit of a puller, would be a nightmare on it, but I it the bullet and was so glad I did. He quite happily trots along and is kept safely away from the wheels and pedals. Get so many strange looks and comments by onlookers, most of which saying what a neat invention. A good gentle 30 minute bike ride up to and around our local park tires me out - Of course 'Baxter' wants to go out again straight away when we get back. I will certainly be using it a lot more now the weather is better here in the UK and will be able to go places I wouldn't normally walk to with him. Word of warning. Have had a couple of You've been framed moments with lampposts and bollards, where I've gone one way and the dog the other. Totally my fault though :-)

04/12/13 | alison cribbin


MY Sister told me about this biker set as she has one on her bike and one on her sons it is a brilliant device I had tried riding with my dog on a lead but felt very unsafe. My bull terrier got the hang of it right away (not the most intelligent of breeds)my only advise to any one is don't go to fast for your dog he only wants to be trotting not galloping and start off with short rides, I have passed on details to lots of people who have been amazed at how happy and relaxed my dog is trotting along



I have never written a review in my life but felt i had to for this product as it is so good! My 2 year old whippet got the hang of it instantly and it was fantastic, we cycled happily for miles with no problem. I have been searching for a way to cycle safely to my office with him and this is it. I could not be more pleased with it as it means an end to cycling along holding the lead and waiting to be pulled off the bike when he gets distracted, with this product he couldn't pull me at all - 100% great!


Husky Fun

My 18 month old husky loved her walks & on occasion jogging by my side, but nothing seemed to tire her out, since getting the Trixie Biker de luxe set she has loved what she wanted to do naturaly, it works perfectly and really does allow your dog to run by the side of the bike in safety, the compression spring is ideal for taking up the tension, when occasion she might want to pull. Would recommend that anyone who ones a very active dog such as a husky & would like to keep fit at the same time, buy a Trixie Biker set

09/06/12 | Pete

We can now enjoy exercise together...at long last!

My 8 month old Black Labrador Retriever has bags of energy and pulls on the lead constantly. Training her out of this is ongoing, but inevitably results in a bit of an arm wrestle and not really giving her the length of walk she needs to burn off that energy. Jenny at Willow Tree School for Dogs in Pembrokeshire suggested that we tried cycling, so I Googled "dog bike attachment" and came across this product on Zooplus. Well, what a difference it has made to us both! I now hook her up to the mountain bike and off we go. The dog loves it and I have a great time, because no longer is it an ordeal but a relaxing trip out for us both, where we can enjoy each other's company and get the exercise we both need. We are still training on the lead, but these sessions can be shorter and more focused because she is getting the exercise she needs when we're out on / alongside the bike. I would highly recommend this product and the service from zooplus was first class.


Great exercise for my dogs!

I have 2 dogs, an Alaskan Malamute & a Northern Inuit, both are northern breeds so need lots of exercise. They both love their walks but they don't get the workout that they really need. I have owned a bike for a long time, but never used it with dogs, they are both very strong and I envisaged them seeing a rabbit or another dog and pulling me off the bike, this solved the problem. Once the dog is attached he is kept a nice distance from the wheels, and the spring has enough tension to absorb any sudden movements from the dog. On many occasions we have been going along and my dog has seen a rabbit, or another dog off the lead has appeared and my dog has reacted, but every time the spring takes the strain and we carry on our way without incident. I recommend this product to anyone that needs to give their dog a good workout on a bike with compromising their own safety.

07/25/12 | Jackie

So simple to use, one happy tired dog

My cocker spaniel is prone to weight gain, and after reading these reviews I decided to buy this gadget. It's great. Very easy to fit, and though I thought the dog and I might struggle to get used to it - never fear, we had it mastered by the end of the street. The only time I felt him pull was when he needed a poo, and the tug was a gentle, but noticeable way of getting my attention. With a dog who us normally a nuisance puller on a lead, my reservations over this were unfounded. My only gripe is that I normally cycle faster than he runs, so I have to slow a little. Maybe he will speed up with practice! I very much recommend this lead set.

07/16/12 | Bruce's mum

One worn out springer

Until now, I have failed to wear out my 4 year old springer. However with our new biker set 'Bruce' and I are now able to get as much exercise in 1 hour that normally takes half a day. My only worry is that his paws are going to need working up to the required amount of toughness. Maybe I need to now invest in paw boots.

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