26/03/18 | Amanda
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Simple but great harness!

Size L fits good for my 3 year old german shepherd. She got used to wearing it very fast! Fast to put on and dog finally stays in place while driving in car.
20/05/15 | Sue
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Brilliant value for great product

This harness is so versatile and easy to use. I bought the medium/large size for my border collie/terrier/spaniel cross. There is plenty of room for adjustment so although my dog is on the small side it would adjust to fit a much larger dog too. The buckle fits my Vauxhall Zafira and the lead part is also adjustable so your dog can sit comfortably on the seat or the floor without the lead part pulling tight. It can also double as a walking harness. If I travel with my dog in the car I usually unclip the harness lead and clip her normal lead onto the harness. This makes it much safer as I can hold onto her as she gets out of the car. We can then walk to where we are going whilst she is still wearing the harness. I am delighted with this harness.
10/10/12 | Cecily JONES
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Good harness...but not indestructible!

Purchased this about two weeks ago for Louis, our 8 month old Beagle hound. Louis absolutely hates harnesses but he seemed fine with this when used for walks...didn't get an opportunity to try it in the car as yesterday, he managed to chew his way through the fittings etc...so overall, a good product but certainly not chew-proof - and I was concerned as he had managed to get the plastic fittings off and was chewing them and could have swallowed them.
13/06/12 | Peter Stott
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why didn't I try this sooner?

Just writing to endorse the reviewer who had great success with their collie. I too have an eight month old border collie who pulls on a collar and lead but not when wearing this harness. It is a pleasure to go for walks now. Good for the car too, fits my old Peugeot. Will be getting another as a spare soon. Excellent service from Zooplus too.
15/11/11 | E Craggs
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does the job

I really thought my lab would object to a harness but she took to this straight away. I only use it in the car but it is fast and easy to put on and take off when needed. She can move about the back seat and lie down no probs. Seat belt clip works fine in my Suzuki Alto.
20/09/10 | Sally
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Dog harness

Recieved the dog harness for Molly today it fits her brilliantly with loads of room for growth ( shes only 10 week old), really pleased with the item and she seems to respond well wearing it no throwing herself about like she does with a collar.
17/06/10 | Bells
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Great Idea...great product

We have a lively labradoodle puppy and he loves his harness. We use it for taking him for walks as well as in the car. He gets very excited when we get it out to put on him....the only problem at first was getting him to stay still long enough to get it on him!! It takes a couple of goes to get used to putting it on but after that is easy.
11/05/10 | cas
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great product

fits comfortably and secures my dog whilst allowing him some freedom of movement.
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Really Good

just wanted to write a review about this travel harness..i have a 5 month old shar pei and she is a minx in the car..i wanted something that be suitable for her and not to feel restricted too much whilst travelling in the car with us...the service from zooplus was fantastic and i had it in less than five days and the harness is great just what my lil minx needs..had no problems with it fitting in my honda civic either...great product at a great price..thankyou
29/12/09 | Kevin Longhurst
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Trixie Dog Car Harness

We are very pleased with this good quality product. It is easy to fit, has strong plastic fastening clips and a well padded chest strap. Mainly used for travelling and our Springer Spaniel has no issues wearing it. Have tried others from Pet Stores which we returned as they were either harder to fit or inferior. Buying another for our new dog!
28/03/09 | J Tims
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At Last..........

Bought this for my 8 month old collie/cross for two reasons, safety and walking. At last she is no longer a nightmare to take for walks on her lead. Calmed down after first walk in her new harness. No more battles to get her to walk to heel. Love it. Great in car as well.
21/01/09 | Trina
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great value

I think this a super harness - Meg puts up with it without much complaint, it's easy to fit & a very reasonable price.
11/10/08 | CP
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Great for car travel

I bought this for my lab cross to travel to agility classes in a friends car. The seat belt attachment works fine in Vauxhall Zafira and its very easy to unload him safely (he gets a bit excited when he knows where we are). I don't use the harness separately because he is a devil for eating things off the floor and I have no control of his head.
29/06/08 | Eoin Ferguson
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Great harness

We got the medium size for our Labrador pup,he's 12 weeks.There's lots of room for growth may not be big enough when he's fully grown but I'd say we'll get a couple of years from it.At this price you can't go wrong.Very handy for car trips to walks,unclip the seatbelt attachment and clip on the lead,away you go.
31/08/07 | Mrs Greswolde
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Strong quality product

I ordered this in 'large' for my greyhound Jack and it fits him very well. It comes with the seatbelt attachment which fits my VW Polo no problem. It is also useful for getting him out of the car safely as you are able to use the attachment as a mini lead. I'd recommend this product