01/13/18 | SHIRLEY flint

trixie carry cage

an excellent product, easy to erect and dismantle. much better than some I have bought from other suppliers in the past.
09/07/12 | Theresa Meades


This arrived yesterday. The service was excellent and the I was very happy with the quality of the product and at that price, how can you lose! I'm moving house and wanted somewhere safe to put my cats during the actual move and this will be perfect. Overall, i'm very very pleased with my purchase.
08/13/10 | H. O'Sullivan

Ideal car crate

We're very happy with the purchase of this Trixie brand carry cage which we primarily use as a car crate. It's the safest way of getting our young puppy used to travel, and provides her with a comfortable and secure space of her own. Having owned such carry cage before, we knew we were buying the right thing. The only difference between this cage and our previous one, of a different make, is, that the tray of this cage is made of galvanised metal whereas that of our previous cage was made of plastic. The galvanised metal tray proved to be quite noisy whilst travelling, due to the currently light weight of our puppy. We therefore had to stick a sheet of cardboard onto the underside of the tray, to prevent it from banging against the metal grid of the cage itself. This sorted the problem. All in all, we have no problem recommending this product.
05/06/10 | Paul

Good quality but always keep an eye on your dog.

Got this kennel to housetrain my cocker spaniel pup. I only keep her in the kennel for 20 minutes at a time and I always keep an eye on her. (I don't keep her in it over night.) Good quality product and easy to assemble. After a while my pup started to chew the bars on the kennel. At one point she caught her mouth in one of the latches on the kennel and she couldn't get her mouth out - very painful for her. Luckily I was beside her when it happened. So I would be careful about keeping a dog/pup in the kennel for too long or without supervision. Overall, good product at a good price.
07/29/09 | kathy

Why not use a pad ?

I bought a crate for my pupppy and bought a padded fleece bed with raised sides at the same time. These fleeces are raised up at the sides and you can use nappy pins to hold all four corners in place to stop it slipping. I think they are made by 'Savic' My crate is a size medium. I SO wish that firms that sell crates and carry crates would also offer the corresponding sized good quality fleeces to go with them. Shame on you Zooplus.
07/21/09 | Joanne

great cage, pity about the tray

Cage is great, exactly as specified. Metal tray is well made with no sharp edges but it is very slippy, especially on car journeys and is warm on hot days and will be cold in the winter. I do use a towel/blanket but it slides about as well. My previous (smaller) crate bought from a high st shop had a plastic tray which was more comfortable for my dog. The only zooplus crate I could see that had a plastic tray was the sloping design, which was not suitable for my car. Overall a good product though and I will probably be buying another one shortly, for the house.
02/18/09 | gabby metcalfe

Large dog crate

the crate is great, lots of space for my dog to move arround, the 4 days delivery time was fantastic
11/23/08 | Mrs M.E.Ward

Dog Cage for Travel in the 4/4

We recently purchased this cage it is ideal no problems our Alsation Dog took to the cage he sits or lies down during the journey.We can recommend the cage
06/11/08 | Ann Miller

Once again - great!

I bought two of these, one for my house and one for my car, my two Spaniels love them...Further more there were no metally sounds in the car whatsoever...

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