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Great quality and price

Bought this cage for one of our dogs who always manages to break and escape from all the cages we've got for him. Been using it for some time now and he hasn't been able to escape or damage the cage... It's perfect, at least for now :) Would love if there were smaller sizes available for our other furry babies. The cage is great but pretty big... I'd say it's an XL size. One of the best purchases we've ever made.
29/08/17 | Dee
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Great for Emergency fostering

Was watching this for a while and looked through customer pictures to see how we can adapt to suit to our business needs. Downside is the mesh floor, but with a bit of rubber matting cut to size and cable ties to attach one on top of the other this works for us. Easy to put together and sturdy and secure enough to hold a feral cat! Great for short term fostering or convalescence.
27/08/15 | Bob Lyons
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Tabby Pen

This was delivered yesterday and put to use so good I ordered another one last Night .Excellent Quality super quick Service Very well Packaged Thank you
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Great quality worth the price

Got this for 2 cats to sleep in at night sometimes and kittens to be nursed in. It's good size, litter box fits in easily and it's all stable enough to attach for example a hammock or a board inside to create 2 levels (by DIY). Definitely great for smaller to medium animals. (Expcept probly small mice and young rats, who will be able to squeeze through the bars.) The locks are secure and can't be opened by clever paws poking around. I wrapped a blanket over the bottom part (wrapped the corners to go underneath) so it stays nicely in place even when kitties roll around. Top opening is useful. Cats like it. The building together was a bit tough (as a girl) but no more difficult than any IKEA piece of furniture and all parts fit together in the end. Compared to the flimsy sort of cages/kennels you can get, which are smaller, less secure, and less practical (no top door), this one was well worth the price.
04/09/14 | Andrew J Fitches
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Tabby Cage

Having seen our friend in Holland using this product for her 7 Keeshonds we invested in 4 for our 3 Samoyeds and 1 Keeshond. we find them so easy to keep clean and move around. The dogs sleep and eat their meals in them going to their own cage when food or bed is mentioned, other than that they have the run of the house. We are in the process of buying another for our new Keeshond puppy. Excellent Product well worth the money