Good as long as your dog doesn't want to get out

This crate is a good size and is easy to put up and down. Unfortunately my dog has decided a few times that he wants to get out so has ripped the door open. The first time was only a few days after getting it so not to be beaten I sewed a piece of fabric over the ripped area which was ok for a little while but then he wanted out again so just ripped through (and made a bigger hole) so now almost the whole door is covered in fabric but he has ripped it again so I give up!


comfy and sturdy travel crate

wasn't sure how dog would react to a travel crate, I needn't have worried, he was straight in to test it with a power nap. Saves carting his usual crate with us when we all go away!


Excellent product

We travel frequently with our pack, and this transport box is really of very high quality. It's sturdy, very well made, and easy to put up and take down.

08/25/13 | Eddie McLellan

Great indoor kennel

We have qty x 2 Lhasa Apsos. We use this large crate as their night bed. It is well made, functional and above all very comfortable for them. They know their bed and love it. A great item.


Delighted Border Collie

I bought this crate as my BC hates being enclosed in metal cages. It arrived promptly and was very easy and quick to erect. At first I placed it in the sitting room and put all sides up with an additional quilt inside. After a day she inspected it and lay inside. Ureka! Several weeks later she damaged her leg and had a cast put on it. She doesn't mind being in the crate with flaps down. Lovely strong material she can lay against giving her reassurance. Great product. Also folding flat with carrying case is a great holiday bed.

03/04/12 | JudyH

Happy travelling!

A very well made sturdy piece of kit. The delivery was speedy and the item well packed. I bought the small size which is perfect for my fully grown French Bulldog. An excellent purchase.


Bedtime Bliss!!!

Purchased the Hunter Travel Box as an attractive and neat alternative to a metal crate for bedtime. Our little rescue dog loved it at once and goes in to it happily much to our delight. It is very well made, neat stitching and good structure. We are very pleased and so is our dog!