05/01/15 | Ann-Bridget Fisher
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Easy to carry

This is NOT a large carrier. I use it to take my 4 kilo cat to the vet and she is fine with that. As I have a bad back it is wonderful to just carry it on my shoulder and it is slim enough for me to put my arm over it to stop it swinging about. I place it on the front passenger seat with the seatbelt through the carrying handle so it is safe and sound in case of an emergency stop. I would not use it for a long journey. It is too small. For me and my cat it is very handy and comfortable.
05/09/14 | Mrs Sue Gaughan
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We love this cat carrier. We have 2 cats and they both had a little play inside and loved the sheepskin base (which is washable). It stores away flat and is so much better than the plastic cages. Highly delighted!
15/08/14 | S.Martin
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Excellent product.

This bag will be great for taking my cat to the vet, I have 3 cats and all 3 had a good look at it once I had zipped it all together. The storage bag is an extra bonus that most other carriers do not have. It seems strong, although I am not sure about the plastic clips on the shoulder strap, but as I have not used it yet I can't really say. I am sure it will make trips to the vet easier.
13/04/14 | Rebecca Burt
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This carry case is great!
12/07/12 | Slavka
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Great pet house and carrier!

My little kitten didn`t want to go out after he went in first time and stayed there for 2 hours.Amazing!!!
14/01/12 | Clare
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Kimba loves it!

From the moment I set up this bag my ocicat loved it. She slept in it for 2 hours on the first day and is sleeping it as I write this. It's very sturdy and good quality. Really useful having a shoulder strap. Although it states that the large is for up to 10kg I wouldn't advise this. My other cat is bigger and when I tried him in it it sagged a little and I wouldn't have wanted to carry him too far in. But otherwise great and i got it in the sale too so even better for my pocket.
04/08/11 | Linda
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Puppy loves it :-)

I ordered one of these bags as I needed to take my older dog out for walks as the puppy had broken his leg and this bag is just perfect. The puppy just loves it and now he is all healed :-) but use it for traveling in the car now - well worth buying it.
02/06/11 | Anna
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a great bag

I ordered the bag yesterday and it arrived today! So pleased! It looks just like it does in the photos, is well made and very practical (especially on aeroplanes since it perfectly meets the carry-on size guidelines). For the price, it really is unbeatable! Similar bags normally cost around £100.