Good lead.

Well built retractable lead. I've had it for 2 months for my German Shepherd & works very well. Also very strong & just the right length. Only thing I did was mark the last 12 inches in red so I know when it's near full length & I can lock it before it comes to it's limit to avoid damaging it. Return spring is strong too and the lead doesn't sag or rub against the ground when fully extended.

08/09/18 | Ali

Great lead but not for lead biting puppies

This is a very comfortable lead to hold and has a really smooth reel. However we had an issue with it getting stuck after being at full length and had to manually turn the reel to start it retracting. Unfortunately our puppy has started lead biting with this one, possibly not helped by the bright colour, it lasted us just one week before she had made it unsafe to use.