05/25/17 | Rachel Ireland

Great Harness

I bought this as a last resort in my never ending battle to find a harness for my small (5kg) crossbreed. She has a very awkward shape being long and small chested. This fits really well. The chest gaps a little bit but nothing she can wriggle out of. It's also not overly bulky which again was another problem I was experiencing. Since I bought this harness I haven't felt the need to change it and it's been over five months since I bought it.

10/05/16 | Ms Alison L Ogram

great product

I bought this in xl for my 5 month old akita and Im really happy with it as it adjusts small enough to fit him now but will also fit him when he has grown more. Very soft inner strap so it wont rub on his chest and so easy to put on. So pleased with it Im buying another for my rotty.

06/23/16 | Lydie Griffiths

Higly recommended

I have a Jack Russel, a Springer Spaniel, a Lurcher and a Greyhound. They play in the river, in the mud, in the heather, in the woods. They roll on the floor. They wrestle. They hike 2 to 3 hours everyday in any weather. The harnesses resist everything. I have washed them in the washing machine several times, tried them in the tumble drier, they still have no sign of wear or tear. They are very comfortable (the lurcher and the Greyhound have fragile thin skin). Etc. etc. BRILLIANT

01/07/16 | Jane Ruutel


I have six of these for my two standard Dachsunds! Two are for local walks where they do not get dirty! Two are for the moor runs where they get very dirty! Two are spare for when the others are in the wash! They wash up very well on a 30 degree wool cycle and are dried in the airing cupboard, not the Tumble Dryer! Best harnesses we have found. Highly recommend. 5*****.

07/13/15 | Leslie Temby

Excellent for greyhounds

Using this instead of collar and lead for my 2 year old male greyhound better control and excellent for walking also there is no rubbing or restrictions which means he can run comfortably, top quality , really pleased


Great for dogs that tend to pull/run in open spaces

This has revolutionised our walks, we have a few of these! Size M fits perfectly for our 2yo beagle, 13kg. Were recommended this as ours pulls a lot and could always work out how to wiggle out of other harnesses, meaning we were left with a lead, harness and no dog...! Fleece lining makes it more comfortable under armpit and belly areas, so he doesn't fuss wearing a harness anymore. Also, you put this on over the head and clip it around the belly so they cannot get it off/it doesn't works itself off. Once on, it is really secure, doesn't move around too much and most importantly gives his legs the freedom to run to his heart's content. Great product.

08/12/14 | Charlotte

The only harness that hasn't rubbed!

I bought one of these harnesses for each of my dogs and i'm really pleased with them. One of my dogs has very thin fur and most harnesses rub his skin, especially in the 'armpit' area. This harness is great as the plastic clip is above this sensitive area, more towards the shoulder and has fleece underneath so doesn't rub at all. It's strong and holds them well even when pulling. The only downside is that the front isn't adjustable, but it still fits nicely.

02/05/14 | E.Francis

Best harness ever!

I only received this harness a couple of days ago but I've already used it twice on my terrier cross. We go cycling daily and I've been trying to find a good harness that would allow him the freedom to run but also wouldn't rub him. I got the medium size and it fits him beautifully. He also seems to like it, he'll sit and wait patiently while I fit the harness and for him that's a first!

01/17/14 | Caroline

Love it!

Bought this for my Dalmatian who loves to chew through harnesses! Its very well made, well padded and secure. Her tail wags all the time whilst wearing this.


Good, sturdy harness.

This harness fits my staffy mix really well, size XL. It's great for jogging as the lead stays up on his back and is less likely to tangle round his legs. Its really well designed and made, very easy to put on and off, nicely padded and strong. I've posted a muddy picture of him wearing the harness, titled Flint. Great service too.

05/03/13 | Mike.

Soft, comfy and secure.

This harness fits my Flatcoated Retriever very well (XL). It is much better than any other harness I have tried. It is very secure and well padded and is £15 cheaper from Zooplus than a shop I usually deal with. Highly recommend but make sure you get the correct size.

11/16/12 | Teri

1A Value for money

My Podenca find the harness just great and so do I of course. Very nicely padded and no more rubbing sites, as we found with his previous harness.

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