19/03/23 | Maeve M
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Great lead

This is a great lead, the grip is perfect even on a rainy day!
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This broke the very first time used- worse lead I have ever purchased. Medium sized dog and first pull and it broke!
04/10/18 | Athena
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I use this along with the Julius K9 IDC power harnesses for both my working line German Shepherds, typical of the breed they like to flank me and also stay close to each other, something that just isn't practical with a run of the mill lead, it just wouldn't be safe, being able to have them safely connected to the same lead, stops myself and the dogs getting tripped up and keeps us all safe & comfortable, definitely recommend you purchase with the harness.
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Not ideal for 2 dogs

Bought this lead to walk 2 dogs... Not a ideal lead for that purpose ... Really nice lead, very strong but a bit to cumbersome if walking 2 dogs.. I would say this is a perfect lead if you walking one dog 🐾
10/10/15 | Suz
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Great lead, bought to go with Idc power harness - they're a match made in heaven! My English bulldog pup is a puller, tried a couple of different leads previously with the same results.. Sore burnt hands!! Using this lead today was lovely, no sore and rope burnt hands! Very strong and able to get a grip of him from pulling hard, it has a nice rubbery grip all over, very comfortable!!
07/09/15 | Michelle Southworth
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Excellent lead

This is a great item, can have it various lengths and has 2 clips on so you can double up for strong pullers or walk 2 dogs at once
25/02/15 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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I knew of this brand of lead already because I had a Julius K9 drag lead. This lead is great! It's nice to hold and doesn't slip through your hand in the wet. The length is perfect - I can attach it to both collar and harness on my Eurasian when I take him for walks in town, but it still gives him just enough 'leeway'. It's a great quality product.
Originally published in zooplus.de