01/11/19 | Katherine Byrne
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Adaptil dog collar

It didn't make a blind bit of difference to our westie or my sisters dog.
23/10/19 | Nicole
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No Results For Us

After reading amazing results for this I ordered it for my dog who can get anxious around Halloween/Newyears with fireworks going off. I have noticed zero difference in his anxiety since we put this on him. I followed all the instructions but unfortunately didn't have any effect.
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I tried it with my 16 year old Poodle and it really helped her stop being so anxious -(due to age related changes) good results -would recommend for old ladies like mine!
08/09/17 | paula evans
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As expected excellent did the trick
01/01/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Happy New Year

And again this year - great results. Put it on about 1-2 weeks before New Years Eve and also used the Adaptil tablets this time. Our dog is a completely different dog!! So the same procedure next year. I really recommend it.
04/11/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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I am thrilled

My Doberman GDS is very nervous, hates going out and is petrified of loud noises. This collar has made everything so much better. She is now much calmer in all situations and far less nervous. It was certainly worth a try. And it seems to be working.
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My 2a and half year old dog had a really difficult past and he is really anxious (he was born in a shelter, his mother died giving birth and all his siblings were adopted quickly) This is my third collar and i can definitely notice the different,. he looks more serene and calm.
06/07/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Our dog is so scared in the lead up to New Year celebrations. Also if it is thundering. She (shih tzu lasa apsoh mix) gets the shakes and hides under the chair or wants to sit on our laps. I have been using the collar for about two weeks and then four days ago we had another thunderstorm, and guess what, our dog was happy to go into the garden. It certainly seems to be working. I will purchase again even though it is quite expensive but I don't want my dog suffering, especially as she is on her own during the day.
31/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Works even on old dog with dementia

Sadly our old dog now has dementia. This results in restlessness amongst other things. He runs around the house and does not calm down even though he knows the environment. But when he has the collar on he becomes much calmer. It took a few days but we can now notice the difference. Even when we went on holiday he was ok in unfamiliar surroundings.
01/01/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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well, one shouldn't expect miracles but we put this collar on our dog two weeks ago in anticipation of fireworks and he is so much more calm. We are really satisfied and will use it again the next time there are fireworks.
08/11/15 | Jenni
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fantastic collar

having a very nervous dog when we have storms and fireworks I tried this OMG she's not happy but she's calm and can sleep. Thank you Adaptil.
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Bought this for a very stressed out doggie of fireworks. ..its been on for 2 weeks now...fireworks going off has I type and instead of him pacing and hiding he is currently asleep on settee :0))
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My Little dog was stressing every time i was leaving the house. He use to shiver all the time, we thought it was because he was cold but a friend of mine advise us to buy this collar and gradually we noticed the improvement until we didnt need it anymore. My York will be 18 year old on the 20.09.
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Hilft bei unserer Hündin sehr gut

We have a Podenco bitch from Spain, who must have gone through some bad times. We got her 5years ago, and apart from some other issues, she gets stressed out when she is in the apartment (for example, if something falls down etc.), because she can not get away (never lived in a flat before). In the meantime she is 10 years old, and the problems are still there. A year and a half ago she was so nervous that she drastically lost weight. The vet checked her over but could not detect any health problem (e.g., kidney or thyroid). We were about to give her sedatives, but a friend recommended the Adaptil collar. One of her Yorkie bitches always attacked the other one, and Adaptil sorted that out. So we got a collar, and it took a while, but gradually the stress reduced significantly. She is eating again and has put on weight. We can tell by her reactions when the collar has stopped working. We always have a collar in reserve. Lara is now much calmer. That's enough for us. It is very expensive, but we will use Adaptil permanently.
26/03/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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It really helps

We have a highly strung Tervuren. Since she has been wearing this collar she is much calmer and more relaxed. She can even go on car journeys without being sick. I definitely recommend this collar. On the down side the plastic does break quite easily
29/12/13 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Great New Year's Eve

We bought this collar for our dog a week ago, before New Year's Eve. Before the collar: every time she heard a firework outside, she'd crawl under the bed and then stay there for ages, and even when she finally came out she was always still very stressed. And now with the collar: there was a firework outside and she was startled for a second and looked up, but then that was it. She still doesn't like going into the garden, but she'd been out into the courtyard instead. That wouldn't have been at all possible before. Now we've bought this magic solution to go in the plug too.
15/07/13 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Really helped us!

We had to move house twice in six weeks and it made our dog really stressed. He suffered from stomach problems and had started to go riot any time I went out, scratching the carpet, chewing the skirting boards, etc. A day after we started using the collar, he suddenly stopped doing all this and has gone back to being very well behaved whenever he's left alone. He's also a lot more relaxed. So this was obviously the perfect thing for this situation!
08/04/13 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Absolutely brilliant

This collar had a brilliant effect on my dog. He's now much more confident and relaxed.

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