: 1/5


Priceless! Put xl mat on floor and 2 month old hound loved it! Kept him entertained for 10 minutes. He ripped it to tatters! Very funny! So if your puppy is wired to the moon like ours I would not waste money!
10/06/14 | Janice Tidy
: 3/5

Savic Puppy Trainer Pads

I bought medium, as have done previously with other makes - these were very small and needed two together. Should have got large but only have a 10 week old Lhasa Poo and not very big. Did not find the plastic very protective - it seemed to dampen through. Good side there is no odour from pee and good price.
04/01/14 | Leeslady
: 5/5


I purchased a large tray and pads when my Shih Tzu dog was a puppy and she quickly got used to using her 'toilet'. Now she is older she does go outside. However, as I work and am away from home for up to 7 hours per day, I leave the tray out for her to use, as I don't think it is healthy for a dog to have to hold their wee in, causing water infections and mega vet bills. Plus, it's better than coming home to puddles of wee all over the floor!!! I think the tray is fantastic! The pads are highly absorbent compared to others I've used and they fit the tray perfectly. On the downside the pads are getting quite expensive. They were a lot less expensive when I first started purchasing them.
01/04/13 | Rosie
: 5/5

not big enough

Bought these + tray for my Chihuahua puppy. My only gripe is the tray and pads are too small. Buy the larger size, but their only big enough for toy breeds..
02/02/13 | Silvia
: 3/5


They are good, but TOO small....Every time need to clean the floor after my puppy...
30/03/12 | Lee'slady
: 5/5

Good value for money!

These are the best puppy pads I've used for my puppy and they are the best value too. They are very absorbent and they don't smell! I've purchased other puppy pads from other retailers (Pets at Home) and they're useless compared to these and they cost a lot more too! The other puppy pads have leaked and they rip very easily! I use these with the tray and my puppy took to using the tray within 2 days. I wouldn't even consider using other pads now!
13/02/12 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5

She understood straightaway

Well, what can I say. she got it immediately. Normally everything ended up on the floor. Nowadays it's in or on the pad. Lots of people say that some dogs don't get it. If that's the case I would recommend dabbing the pad with the kitchen paper which you used to clean up the puddle. Your dog will smell it and realise that this is its new toilet. You can also try moving the dog toilet to one of your pet's favourite places. Our dog didn't even need a day to understand it all.
03/02/11 | originally published in zooplus.de
: 5/5

Simply perfect

The quality is great, with great absorption. Now I don't have to constantly wash the bathroom rug which my dog used as an emergency toilet. I just wish that the size L pads were even bigger because I put 2 pads side by side on a folded bed sheet on it. The tray size offered is much too small for our dogs.