17/01/17 | Hannah Lee
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When these got delivered, i got 'the' look from my husband, as if to say "like we need more towels for the dogs!". That day, after our walk (3 Springer Spaniels that are mud and water magnets), he used the towels (we bought 3). He said and i quote "I take back everything i said. These are amazing!!". They really do what they say. We do rub our dogs with them as they'd never keep them wrapped around them. I am recommending them to my friends. Buy with confidence.
15/01/17 | Katarzyna
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Great towel

Super towel, very nice and soft and big enough for my big boy French Mastiff
04/05/16 | originally published in zooplus.es
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I wasn't expecting this

In truth I only bought this towel to chuck it into the car when we went on walks but I never imagined that it would have such strong absorption. But now it has become truly indispensable, it saves me so much time when drying her!
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Dries very well

Great towel, dries very well, washable up to 60 degrees and soaks up dirt really well - highly recommended!
02/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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1A Towel

I have 3 big dogs and 8 of these towels, would buy them again any time, thoroughly recommended!!!!
30/11/12 | Tracey Oldmeadow
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Snugglesafe towel

Saw this on offer and after using a standard towel for our large rescue dog and it not being any use thought I would buy one. Well what a great product, drys her instantly and enough so she can air dry around house, easy to wash and dry quickly ready for next use, would reccomend and will be buying another :)
26/06/09 | Penny
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We've got a very large puppy - he's 9 months and a cross German shepherd/rottweiler, we used this towel after his bath - and it was amazing, the difference from the usual very wet to almost dry - immediately. He's got a very, very thick coat, which takes hours to dry but this was an excellent product indeed and I would definitely recommend this.
02/01/09 | Sarah parnell
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super snugglesafe towels!

I bought 2 towels at Olympia Dec 08 and I'm never one to write reviews normally but i have to say I'm really impressed with the towels they do exactly what it says on the tin!! and as my dogs enjoy the comforts of the settees, knowing that they are much drier after a rainy run or dip in the sea is marvelous! i do think the towels are a really good product!