17/10/18 | Emily
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I live in the country side and have 4 dogs and 4 cats as well as taking in foster dogs and cats so we often have little visitors but this brush is incredible, it manages to get through lots of fur types and alwats catches fleas when they’re hiding. Excellent product
15/07/18 | Pauline Meek
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Doggone Fleas!

Excellent comb and very sturdy - only flea comb I have used which hasn't distorted if it hits a tiny tangle (and when dogs are scratching, they give themselves tangles). I'm going to try the spraying the dog with conditioner first as someone else suggested. For those having trouble catching all the fleas that comet, try a bowl with a small amount of washing up liquid or hair conditioner in it (don't need much) - quickly get the comb over the bowl and empty all the hair and "lodgers" into it.
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Repurposed! Head lice watch out!

Ok.. so I know it's for our best friends but sometimes other best friend pass along 'head vermin' and I'm fed up of chemicals and expensive combs. This is great on the mutt but with a spray bottle of watered down hair conditioner (human kind!) it also AMAZING on my kids fine hair at removing both bugs AND those stick on hard to shift egg cases. Head lice... you have a new enemy! ( i do suggest a separate comb for each!)
24/12/15 | Barbara Kwietniowska
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The Best

this is the best comb on the world !!!! in 2 min. caught 6 fleas and cleaned fur from black flea feces
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smaller than picture

i could not give this comb a five it is quite small but well made removes any traces of dirt also removes dead hair but no fleas yet early days iguess i need more practice never the less reasonable happy with the product thanks again zooplus
07/10/12 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Erfüllt seinen Zweck, aber nicht mein Favorit

Kürzlich angekommen und gleich ausprobiert. Meine Katze ließ sich damit Kopf, Rücken und Bauchseiten relativ gut kämmen und der Flohtest klappte ebenfalls. Glücklicherweise fand sich nur eins der Biester. Mir ist er allerdings zu schwer und die einzelnen Zinken sind recht dick. Sein Plastikvorgängermodell erfüllte den selben Zweck, kämmte besser durchs Haar und griff mehr Unterwolle auf. Ich werd mich jetzt wieder nach einem solchen umsehen.
18/07/12 | originally published in zooplus.de
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This comb is worth the money, I would have also paid more (don't go and increase the price). You actually remove all the fleas, they don't stuck and come away really easily. Thanks zooplus
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Very good!

Use the comb to test for fleas. It's fine toothed and perfect for the job.
23/10/10 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Great price, does the job

I bought this comb 3 ½ months ago and I am thrilled because it has removed all the fleas. You do have to be quite fast otherwise the fleas jump back down from the comb, but it's comfortable to hold and small enough to hide in your hand if your dog doesn't like it. I would buy it again. It's easy to use and a great price.
28/09/10 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Very small

the comb looks bigger in the picture than it really is. It's not easy to hold and it is difficult to comb through the fur. But it is quite effective and wellmade.