02/05/21 | Andreas
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Smells too strongly

Unfortunately the smell and probably taste of garlic is too strong for my dog to like and eat the tablets. You can actually smell the garlic once the bottle is in your hand. Will have to go back to chemical flea and tick prevention.
15/03/10 | m t l wilson
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i have been useing garlic on my dogs for years and fresh garlic makes the home smell bad and some dogs wont eat food if it smells . but your product goes down a treat as there is no smell and me and the dogs are very happy . also there coats seem to be in a far better condition.i havent had any bother with fleas or lice while useing your garlic.and as i live on the edge off my village we get rats and hedghogs in my garden but my dogs remain fully clean. thankyou for a fantastic product.